Upgrades: DPS vs EHP

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    Hey all, just a quick topic I'd love to get some feedback on, witch is that im having trouble deciding between more DPS or more EHP on my upgrades. Im already near 200k DPS (40%CC 645%CD) and i have around 715 Resist All. Currently I have this dilemma with a set of gloves. The trade off would be -1400DPS and -1400HP for 59 RA, thats like +9k EHP. Losing that much DPS and HP isnt a big deal in the grand scheme, but is adding that EHP a big deal either? Should all my upgrades be DPS/HP focused? Is EHP/RA a waste of my time and gold? Anybody else dealing with this?
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    EHP goes deeper than just res all.

    EHP is a total count of your Life Pool, Armor, Resistances, and even Dodge Chance.

    Your EHP of 364k could do with seeing a boost, but not at the cost of 14k dps and 1.4k life. In fact, I think you're at the point where you might want to increase your life pool by about 10 to 15k. That should bring you to being well over a nice 400k EHP, and give you a nice life buffer in case you do get hit.
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    1400 not 14000 DPS. But points taken. I still have a few items im looking to upgrade the Vit on and of course ill use a +%Life gem once i ding 100.
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    nice build
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