Help me improve my WD's gear and Play style (with video)

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    Hey guys, im new to diablo fans but would like to ask a favour of the people of the site. I only have a few million gold to spend on upgrades on my witchdoctor's gear and i would like to know your opinions on what i should upgrade. Also in the video below you will see me doing a bit of farming in act 3 inferno and i want to know if you have any suggestions on how to improve my build and playstyle. Thanks in advance :)

    My character:


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    First cheapest upgrade for you would be a better offhand with higher damage, you can probably find a nice one with vitality to for few millions.
    Then you need work on your crit, head/rings/bracers you can find allot of better stuff cheap.

    "Every time you use "single target dps spell" like splinters vs grp of mobs you just waste dps and time."
    Something i red somewhere and stick with it myself and never looked back :)
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    Thanks for the input :) i've changed the darts out for ghost bomb :)
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