Just back after 6 month haitus. What's Changed?

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    As per the title - I just started playing again after not playing since the summer, and am currently leveling a Wiz and a Barb in HC. BUT, I want to get back into my (softcore) WD so I don't always have to worry about losing 20 hours on an accident.

    So, what's changed in the wonderful world of WitchDoctors?

    I notice Visionquest works differently, but that was the only thing I was sure changed.

    I read some guides, and several called for corpse spiders. Can these actually keep up with mobs now? Also, several others recommend pets, even in Inferno with >MP0. Are pets actually useful now?

    Well? What else?
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    Not much, bears are still best and only viable skill for higher mp (maybe along with 0cd dogs build).
    If you were bored of endless reruns of specific zones in act3, you will be disappointed, because 1.07 patch features exact same pve balance, yuo gonna run exact same areas. They still didn't address monster density issue.
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    I suggest staying in hardcore, there's no reason to play softcore IMO.
    Make your peace...Quickly!
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