PVP WD in need for advice

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    Whatup y'all

    I'm building a WD for PVP and i am wondering what to change or upgrade first. I'm totally noob if it comes to WD... Don't know if have to add loh or lifesteal, mayb some advice on that to?
    I don't care about farming speed or whatever...

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    Come on... Some help plzzzz...
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    Come on, man. Be logical : most people are in the 100 to 200K DPS range, with about 40 to 70K HP. What will LoH or Lifesteal help when you get one-shotted by any crit ?
    Have you tried PvP ? If yes, you should know the above (that PvP = one-shot-fest = "the first who crits wins" ). If no, maybe you should give it a shot. Many things will become crystal-clear by themselves when you test it.

    From what I've seen so far : all resist - a maximum of HP's, and good DPS (basically you should aim at killing the opponent faster than he can kill you, rather than try to survive something you will never be able to survive... heck people get one-shotted by Wizards they don't even see on screen through Storm Armor...).
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    Blizz stated they are looking in to implementing reduced damage. I've played pvp yea and its not one-shot fiesta. I aggree its close... But with some adjustments in build you can become more mobile. Keep up to date man...

    edit: there are some fcking epic battles on high end chars on youtube, not one shotting each other... ffs
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    I think that is the point though, you aren't a high end character. Have you seen the HP on those toons and their damage? They are still 20k hp above and +50k dps where you are at.
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    LS is useless for PvP, same goes for LOH, we don't have any skills to benefit from it on PvP. I would highly recommend %dmg reduction from elites, which you can get from Zuni chest and litany (I have also tested BT boots but I loose too much "real" DPS) .

    Try to have these stats;

    crit 45+ , chd 350+, resistance 700+ , armor 3500+ , HP 90k+ and 1k+ regen (without passives) , %12+ reduction from elites.

    Have at least 4 piece Zunimasa.
    Get a very slow weapon (1H spear/mace) , and make sure u use an offhand with 9+ crit. if I were you I would use the axe on your barb if you can't afford a 1H mace/spear.

    With those stats you can make PvP very boring both for yourself and for your opponents.
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