[complete guide] by Projax 1.0.5 WD

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    this guide is over - new guide will be sticky cause i won the competition ;)
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    reserved for guide updates
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    Looking forward to that mp7-10 section :D I can do mp10 now, but that poison cloud build really surprised me at low mps. And I wonder if there is something i dont see for mp10 as well :)
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    I am currently aiming for making the exact same build as you Projaxs. I was gathering some gold so I could score a cheap 4.7m Zunimma's armor. But do you think it would be smarter to first go for a manajuma's knife with Thing of the deep? I currently wear a Skorn.
    I only got 2.6m gold at the moment. Would I go for the chest first or should I sell my Skorn and go for the knife + thing of the deep?
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    Dude, I love your guides. Thanks!
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    well, thing of the deep is a must
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    Its not a must, you can get pickup radius on your zuni chest boots etc and go for skorn ;)
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    Thing of the deep is nowhere near a must.
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    thats also true but then you need to boost up your IAS
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    Quote from Projaxs

    thats also true but then you need to boost up your IAS

    Why? It'd make my char sheet dps go up but have next to no practical use for me in game. The only items I have with IAS are belt and bracers -- and in both cases it's not because I was seeking the IAS but because the two items don't come without it -- and the other stats they have (movement speed on bracers and crit damage on belt) are unique to those slots. Honestly, you could remove IAS from both of them, and I'd be just as happy and effective even though my char sheet dps would drop.

    I'm not saying IAS doesn't have a place . . . but in a speed run MP0-3 Acid Rain build, I don't care about it a bit.
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    if u are running two hand IAS is powerful stats cause it will speed ur run by alot. you will save more time with casting acid rain and in long term you gain maybe more then 30sec to save ;)
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    Now that I've been doing alot of these runs, it's extremely rare for me to just stand and cast Acid Rain. I'm pretty much stutter-stepping forward the whole time. Cast, move, Cast, move, Cast. I don't find myself waiting on a swing timer so IAS will save me pretty much nothing. Maybe on an elite pack it will save me ever so slightly but most of those are dropped very quickly with Sac.
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    trust me, I tested it with 1500 dps skorn ;)
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    trust me, i tested it with my Skorn ;)

    I mean seriously, how did you effectively test this to prove conclusively you are saving 30 seconds of time per run by adding IAS? Did you buy identical gear except some had IAS and some didn't? Did you do 15-20 runs with the IAS gear and then 15-20 runs without the IAS gear? (bearing in mind, even that is not a large enough sample size given the variation in runs). I can just about guarantee you did not do these things and what we have here is a "it felt faster" opinion.

    In fairness, on my side, we have a "I'm not waiting on a swing timer, shouldn't make a difference" opinion. But, given the cost of IAS, I would want some pretty robust proof (beyond a trust me, I tested it) before investing in additional IAS gear -- especially since what you are saying doesn't even meet the "sniff" test of being true based on my experience. If I am one-shotting everything in MP0, and moving for a duration longer than my swing timer before casting again - it doesn't make sense that IAS helps at all.
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    I made alot of testing on this subject. Actualy more then 50 runs. I bought pickup raidus gear and then use IAS parts as gloves ring amus.

    You dont have to trust me. Im just saying how it is
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    And you were comparing Skorn with IAS versus Skorn without IAS . . . or you were comparing this Skorn setup with other pickup radius gear to your MH/OH setup? All these other gear pieces you swapped to get PuR, move IAS in and out, I can't believe had equal damage value -- seems to be alot more variation besides just IAS.

    I enjoy your vids and your passion for the class but I guess we just disagree here. I also find it hard to believe you were able to keep other factors besides IAS constant in whatever testing you did. I'm running a much lower DPS Skorn then you say you have tested. I'm doing it with very minimal IAS gear (only what's on waist and bracers as I said), one shotting 95% of the mobs, not waiting on a swing timer, and doing the same 65 mil XP runs you are.
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    im doing 80mil + xp / hour. Anyway I tested it with similar dps values. Skorn is the best for oneshoting white mobs but the cast time is so slow that its not as efficient as with like 1.4 1.6 attack per sec. specialy when u need shoot down some elite. Its not that big deal but still it can give you 5mil xp/hour.

    But yeah its alot more expensive
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    80 mil xp / hr now. That's a significant jump from your 66 mil vid (20%+ xp / hr more). I don't think I saw you post anything showing that. What changed? I'd love to see what your doing different from before to get such a big increase.
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    cain set basicaly help alot ;)
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    3 pieces of Cain's iLVL 22 gear . . . love to see that in action getting 80 mil xp. Leoric's would seem a straighter path.
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