Improving Rune System (WITCH DOCTOR)

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    (Witch Doctor Edition)


    As we all know, every skill has 5 runes that can be applied to it, changing its mechanic. The design concept is to allow for a huge build diversity, which is very far from what is really happening in the game, especially late game.

    The idea behind this thread is to help Blizz improve the rune system by suggesting variations or even new runes to complement the ones we have, by opening a place to collect all the suggestions we can think of.
    There is a thread like this for every class! This is the Witch Doctors edition, so to all spiritually attuned souls out there: This is your place to be heard!

    Not to disencourage discussion, but please refrain from commenting on the viability or "fun" of other peoples suggestion. Something may seem (and be) totally impossible to implement, yet it may spring someone else´s mind into action... Let’s stay positive! If you don’t agree with someone, just make a better suggestion!

    I know that there are many threads like this one, but it would be great if we could concentrate all the info in one place!

    Link to the original thread:
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    Hello, I've got some ideas for WD rune changes!
    Great thread, and hopes OP has some ideas aswell!

    Increase the range of the channelling base skill.

    Cloud of Bats - Increase the radius, remove the channelling effect, increase the mana cost to 490.
    A cloud of bats surrounds the character, dealing ~1000% dmg over 5 seconds. Adds a cooldown of 10 seconds.

    Increase the base radius from 12 yards to 18 yards.
    Face of Death - Increase the radius from 24 to 32 yards.

    Consuming Spirit - since the duration of the skill was reduced by half, the life regeneration should atleast be doubled. Increase the life that the spirit returns from 155 to 310 life.
    Grasping Spirit - Increase the slow effect to 80%
    Lingering Spirit (remake and rename) - Still the 575% dmg over 6 seconds. The enemy is haunted by a spirit alike the "Manitou" rune, dealing 50% dmg with small spirits from the primary target to other nearby enemies.

    Wrathful protector - Increase the duration from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Increase the damage from 110% to 175%.

    Locust Swarm
    Cloud of Insects - Increase the duration from 10 seconds to 12 seconds, and increase the damage done from 360% over 10 seconds to 540% over 12 seconds.

    Mass Confusion
    Mass Hallucination - Useless skill, rework and deploy a new mechanic.
    An example: In the area of the effect, healthy gases rise from the ground, healing the character and his pets for x-amount of Life.
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    Haunt needs an overhaul.

    First of, it "falls" off way to often, when trying to jump from 1 target to the next (bug). This is most noticeable when using lingering rune.
    Second, it travels to slowly and starts ticking a bit to slowly for my taste.

    If those 2 are fixed, I would bump the duration to 8 and 4 (with the short time rune) and the damage accordingly.

    1. Definitely bump the life regen rune, any fixed numbers just become useless with high end gear, make this one give you +20% liferegen on the regen you already have instead. So if you have 5k life regen, this spell would give you an extra 1k for the duration.

    2. Fine as is, if above bugs are fixed.

    3. Lingering spirit is mainly worthless atm cause of the bugs above, but if those are fixed, and they increase the jump from char to monster radius by at least double (it's maybe 4-8 yards now, aka melee range), then I could see myself using this skill.

    4. We have the slowing effect on a bunch of other spells, so I would rather re-wamp this rune. Double the mana cost, but make it STACKABLE. This would make it an interesting choice for single target dotting for guys with good mana regen.

    5. Same issue here as with the life regen rune, fixed number = worthless rune effect with high end gear. Re-wamp to be +50%-+100% mana regen (yes I know this is a lot) but make it so you can only have 1 up. Or make it +15%-25% but make it possible to toss out several.

    If the above rune changes would be made, I could see myself trying to squeeze this into my build somehow. Atm, Haunt is just a fun skill to use while lvling >.
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    Wd skills need so much blizzard love :'(
    My sugestion is, get rid of all useless skills and add CURSES trees :D
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    One important change would be pet commands. Just simple ones like calling them back to you. I don't even use pets when partied with a wizard because they keep stuff out of freeze.
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