Completely stuck on gearing

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    Hi, my WD can do MP2 but it's so slow that I have to drop back down to MP1. I have about 40 mil which I know isn't the best but I haven't found anything good to sell at all. Can anyone recommend what the best upgrades for me would be?
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    Are you kidding me? You can do mp2 with that gear? xD

    But seriously, I invested less then 30M in all of my pieces and I farm mp3 quite easy with few death sometimes.

    Here, see my profile - Zixxi

    Good luck!

    Edit: for the love of "god", buy another mojo with more damage, your is classified as trash. And don't use "pierce the veil" since it only drains mana.
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    Hey ! you have the same dps as me and I can do Mp4 solo easy. You might lack some all resist and life on hit/life steal. here is my armory if you want to compare. My build is very strong on aoe mobs and may lack on single target. It requires good apm too. I'll post link in the next post
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    Grab a cheap (5-15m) Sun Keeper, Gidbinn or Sky Splitter (First 2 are nice for the MF) with at least 900 DPS, a socket and/or Crit Dmg. Then grab a cheap Endless Path set - Make sure the neck has at least as much crit as you have now, but shoot for 7% or more, and try for Crit DMG with Avg Dmg or a Socket on the Compass Rose ring. The speed and the set bonuses are very nice and the set can be had cheap, like 10m for both if you camp the AH for a bit. If budget allows get any cheap Zuni chest and ring, get the highest int/vit you can afford and save a mil and a half for 3 star topaz for the Zuni chest. Your passives are good to go, its the best IMHO (sometimes i go more mana regen for lower MP so i can zip through it faster) but what you have now works for me all the way to about MP7. Just FYI i use bears for my main attack in MP5-7 and Acid Cloud for MP 0-4.

    I love all the items i have and i pretty much just grind and save up for better versions. Once i max MF out with Paragon, ill drop the wep , neck and ring. Theres also the whole Hellfire ring thing too, if you get a good one, you probably want to work it in. Also a tip about your follower: Get a bunch of cheap VIT and %Life items and get them close to 100k HP, forget DMG stats, there not worth it on a follow, just buff them with VIT so they stay up and active to assist you. If you can afford to get a new maximus, get a high VIT/LoH one or high Vit and Socket for a Purple gem.
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    I just upgraded to the Zuni set using D3Bit to make sure I was getting upgrades from the ah, lol. I dmg on the stats screen didn't really change but in game it feels much stronger now that I can spam acid rain forever without using any mana pretty much, huge speed difference in my runs. :D The ring also gave me 20k EHP according to D3bit.. whatever that is.
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