Projax 10mil Budget wd guide - 50 mil xp/hour w/o hellfire ring

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    Hello everybody My name is Projax and I made Budget gear for you that are new / rerolled.

    1st of all I made 2 part video 1st part will be under this text and second one will be uploaded tomorow.

    this budget wd guide was made just because I realy didnt like that guide on mainpage - it isnt that bad but still you need something that just worth buying and know what spec to play and be able to level paragon fast. That should be goal.

    Some basic facts:
    gear with gems cost me about 10mil 50k gold. Which is realy ok budget for rerollers even new players. And ofc you can change gems if u got better and use hellfire ring.
    Without Hellfire ring and top head gem I made 50mil xp / hour on mp0 which is actualy realy great. At this moment of time mp0-mp1 is the fastest efficient way to farm paragon level / legendaries and about avarage farm of item. So if u are new wd or reroller this is just for you because you want your paragon level fast right?

    Build used in this build is made by myself and its called Acid Armageddon!ZYT!YaZcab

    the build is based on acid rain that oneshots almost everywhite mobs and darts that can finish big / rares + also Sacrifice to almost oneshot rare packs ;) If you are realy interesting in the build without waiting untill tomorow you can check my other video in my channel when im doing 66 mil xp per hour ( for those who wonders - now im doing 80 mil xp / hour)

    I didnt spend that much time making the gear so if u propably spend more time on ah you can get better deals but still for 10 millions I made realy great wd with high mobility and great survibility and also good dps to make insane xp / hour.

    so there is the video hope you enjoy it and remember like it and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more content

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    Link to your bnet character? I'd like to have a look at your items without watching a video.
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    the items are not on my battlenet acc ;) if you mean the budget items ;)
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    Nice video Projaxs!
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    thank you - stay tuned for 2nd part which will be availabe tomorow - and also during next week tehre will be guide bout the spell that i use in my build and exact description of the gameplay
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    second part is up - now you can see it in action
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    sent a pm to you projax, regarding a slightly bigger budget :)
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    free bump for awesome wd community promoting :) projax, I hate to admit it, but you are one of the reasons I am still going WD as my main.
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    nice to hear that
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    just tried the build and i find it totally viable, and very fun though :) thanks
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