Skorn, LoH or LS

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    Just wanted to check here if its better to use LoH or LS on your skorn. I guess it depends how high you crit with acid rain (the build Im gonna do) will be. But if we say with 120-150k dps?

    Seen some fun guides on this side I must say. Im trying to find items for loctus build and only need an amu for that. Always wished they made that spell way stronger as its a fun spell imo.
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    Generally you should switch to LS when you are above 100k dps. Especially since you are going 2hander.

    You wont be hitting fast even if its aoe, so its better to depend that huge hit that you get with a 2hander and get as much life back from it as possible. LoH is more for DW/1h+oh that hit faster. Like CMwiz that hit for ~30-50k 1000times/sec.

    Im running skorn barb and Lifesteal really helps out alot with both rend and smash. And I think its the same for WD
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    Alright, thanks. Was leaning towards LS.
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    it mainly depends on what attack skills you will use.. certain skills trigger LoH, and others trigger LS... if you're going acid rain, I believe LoH triggers with theoretically, either would be fine, but you may end up seein better results from the LoH, especially since it can get up to 2k on the skorn alone... of course, the best thing to do is get LoH on other gear, and then a high of LS as you can on the skorn...really, it's preference at this point, but just to be clear, if you're only using the build to farm lower MPs, LoH should work fine
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    If your dps is really high even with acid cloud lifesteal is better.
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    If your going to play an Acid rain doc.. Life on Hit is always better than life steal..

    Note: That is ONLY when you play acid rain doc.. Any other witch doctor spec, life steal is what you want.
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    I should add that life after each kill is also a cheap alternative if you farm low-MP. I believe there is no inferno-penalty for life after kill, meaning if your weapon has 4k life after kill, you get 4k hp back, unlike 80% penalty of LS or <1 proc coefficient for loh. The only place where you may have trouble with life after kill on low MP is reflect dmg mobs, which you can use spirit walk for that.
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    Quote from Huminator

    If your going to play an Acid rain doc.. Life on Hit is always better than life steal..

    Note: That is ONLY when you play acid rain doc.. Any other witch doctor spec, life steal is what you want.

    This is not true. Once you get to 250k+ dps Ls is much much better. I tested this with a 2k loh skorn and a 6% ls skorn...
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    definitely go with ls
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    As noted, at very high dps, life steal can do better even in an Acid Rain build. That said, at lower dps, LoH does noticeably better than Life Steal when using Acid Rain and RoT. Even at 130k char sheet dps (actually functionally higher because of Acid Rain helm), LoH Skorn works like a champ for me when doing low MP farming. Something to be said for that given how much cheaper you can buy a LoH Skorn. Be aware though, amp up your damage gear and take that same LoH Skorn into high MPs versus a reflect pack though and ouch, WTB LS Skorn :)
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    I use LoH and works quite well, but i depend not only on the weapon for it but rather let it stack up with amulets and rings also. This way each hit brings high health.
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    Been building my WD's gear set as I level and placing the items I buy on my Wizard. So far he only looks average

    108K Damage not counting my helm which has 178 int 3% crit and 8% crit to acid cloud
    42K Health
    31% crit chance or 39% crit chance to Acid Cloud
    426% crit damage
    Resists range from 550-600

    Now I went with LS on my Skorn which is 1370 DPS and has 5.3% LS
    I also have from other items:
    245 life per second
    695 life per kill
    350 Life per hit

    Is my Damage high enough to warrant use of LS on my Skorn? I plan on using AC to wipe out trash and Bears on Elities. Will probably do MP0 until I get 40 Paragon levels.
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    is LoH useful for WDs at all? you do some much "nondirect" dmg... pets, fireelemental thing, giant spider. so i would go with LS anyday
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