Gear check! 100m to spend.

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    I've was lucky this weekend and made some gold. Trying to decide what to do next with my gear. I've been doing typical act 3 runs with max MF gear. I've been against leorics signets but recently leveling has gotten really slow so I'm considering it. Also considering a witching hour or maybe some acid rain crit gear. What do you guys think I should do?

    baguette #1315
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    Link to WD:
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    ever considered changing your skills? maybe you should try piercing the veil and vision quest instead of circle of life and grave injustice. This way you'll deliver more damage and recover mana faster. If you do this then you'll have to change sacrifice for something like zombie dogs.
    You'll have more tanking minions and you'll be able to let those zombie bears loose more often that way killing more enemies
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    Sorry for not suggesting gear options... good luck.
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