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    Hi, first time poster here, learnt a lot reading the discussions on these forums, so decided to make an account to join the community. kinda hit a wall with my wd, not sure what to buy to hit the next level of play. Am farming alkaizer's MP1 pretty comfortably, but without a goal in mind it's getting monotonous. So, any input on what to do about gear upgrades would be much appreciated :) thanks for reading!

    US bnet id: mstate#1963
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    link to my wd :)
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    Zuni boots and chest (or Tal Rasha's chest), Blackthorne's pants, Witching Hour, Mempo of Twilight, Echoing Fury... later on a Crit Tal Rasha's Allegiance.

    Check out diabloprogress.com to check out what people are going for. Just don't take it to heart, at lot of people at the top of the charts are just padding stats, it is usually not the gear they are using to farm xp/loot or keys.
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    thanks for the advice!
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