BUDGET 5M AA Witch Doctor - 1.0.6

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    BUDGET AA Witch Doctor- Guide 1.0.6

    In the video we managed to kill elites on MP6+ - Low MP’s farming is very fast this also applies to leveling paragon. We could also do mp5 which is great for keys.



    We spent: 4.8m on our AA Witch Doctor the video shows what items we got and why we choose them. If you're new to Witch Doctor and not sure what to buy check out the video. Feel free to read on, to find out what method we used to buy gear.

    There are three steps we went with they are:
    - Defensive
    - Damage
    - Weapons


    Head: Visage of Giyua with CRIT CH
    Shoulders: 60-80 RES120+ VIT & 90+ INT
    Pants: 60-80 RES, 120+ VIT 70+ INT & 2 Sockets
    Chest: 60-80 RES, 120+ VIT 70+ INT & 3 Sockets
    Boots: 60-80 RES, 70+ VIT 70+ INT & 12 MS
    Belt: 60-80 RES,40+ VIT & 120+ INT


    Gloves: 100+ INT, CRIT CH 8+ & 20+ CRIT DMG
    Bracers: Strongarm 150 INT & 40+ VIT
    Ring(1): 20+ CRIT DMG 50+ INT & ATK SP 5+
    Ring(2): 200+ LOH 5+ CRIT CH & 20+ CRIT DMG

    Amulet: CRIT CH 8+, 700+ LOH.


    Manajuma's Carving Knife: 00+ CRIT DMG 150+ INT 800+ DPS
    Thing from The Deep: 200+ AVG DMG 180+ INT MANA REGEN

    Pick up radius is key for the build however on a budget items can be expsneive the best way to porsitest rnadom stats would be withh
    1. Pickup Radius
    2. Armour

    3. Mana Regen
    4. Life Regen
    5. Life%

    Movement speed is aslo key anything from prowlers to
    tyrael's might would be useful if you can budget for a them,

    We are doing this for all classes free feel to check out the channel.we have so far done
    1. WW Barb

    2. CM Wiz
    3. Dash Monk
    4. AA WD

    Witch Doctor AA Build: MP0-MP2

    Witch Doctor Build:MP3

    We hope its helped.
    Thanks for looking CuckooGaming
    Youtube.com/Cuckoogaming - Diablo 3 content
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