Need help choosing high-end gear

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    Hello fellow WD's,

    A second ago I sold a barb 1h weapon for 250m and got budget of 300m at the moment. This is my personal IGG record so I'm really happy, usually I sell items for like 5m so yea I'm pretty excited.

    Now to my question. What should I upgrade (my WD can be found from my signature). I was thinking of getting Zuni helm with crit chance and Zuni ring with 4,5+ crit chance for 4 set bonus. I'm farming A3 MP1 with acid/bears build and doing ubers on MP8 (group of WD, DH, barb and wiz) so getting that 20 mana regen seems like a good idea. And I like running with max MF, that's why there is MF on many pieces of my gear. :)

    Then how about weapon? I'm not using splinters atm so attack speed isn't that good? When running acid cloud/bears, would a Skorn be good? I saw them pretty cheap on AH even with +5% life steal, nice amount of crit dmg and intellect. 1h weapons with LS/socket/CD/high dps seem to be very expensive...

    If some1 could help me out here I would appreciate it a lot, thanks guys.
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    Your gear is already pretty decent.
    It really depends on what your aim is. If you are sure you want to stick with zuni(which is my choice as well), I suggest you get yourself a nice zuni ring with crit and maybe even +avg dmg. Also get a zuni helm with crit and if you see them cheap get good zuni boots with allresi(they should also have a decent int and vit and 8%).
    Maybe a better zuni chest as well.

    You might also want to look at items with pickupradius as a plus, if you want to keep using the passives that need them.
    Basically you can get a good mainhand +thing from the deep. Or Skorn +pickupradius items. The first choice is cheaper for sure.
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    I'd very much recommend you to get a zuni pox. With that low health-pool you really need the extra resistance and it looks like your cc/cd ratio is very skewed towards cc. The additional cd on the pox should be very beneficial. In general I think you should increase your cd. its abscent on gloves and on the unity.

    You need more vitality if you wan to become more sturdy. Should be feasible on zuni chest, the belt or the shoulders.

    If this is your first time with that ammount of money. My best advise is to be patient. Especially in days like these when the economy isnt very stable. When you find the item you want, dont buy it instantly, wait until you see more similar items before you decide what you're willing to pay. Let it take 3-4 days.
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    A good pair of trifecta gloves are always a good investment. As would a higher dps weapon, but you'd probably lose some crit dmg unless you are willing to sell out a few hundred million on a 1h.
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    Thank you all for advices. I've changed few pieces of my gear now. Seeking good 1h weapon atm.

    HanaBonetana: I'm sorry but I don't know what is trifecta gloves, can you explain a bit. :-) My guess is I should look gloves with IAS and CD too?
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