Any WD's still running Splinters?

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    I use these skills: http ://!YWe!aaaZbZ

    I've always stuck with splinters, even much before it became a well-known build. Blizzard halving attack speed made it much more difficult to run this build, but I still do and I find it much more fun than using vision quest.

    I use a mojo with +13% poison dart damage (http ://, and I stack intelligence, all resist, vitality, life percent and attack speed as well as some extra critical rate/chance whenever I can work it into my gear. I'm currently at around 50k dps with 600 ~ 700 on each resist, and I have nearly 50k hp. I've obtained all of my gear for less than 2 million, which I've gotten just from running through the game the first time.

    I like to use items with good move speed bonuses (so far I'm using 12% speed shoes as well as Tyrael's Might, which is a 12% speed chest item). These items are great for kiting, and they also make spirit walk much faster.

    The strategy is basically running in with spirit walk, using soul harvest on a mob and kiting all the regular monsters away from elites and champions (if there are any). I slow down everything and pick off the easy monsters first. Then I wait for a good opportunity, and collect all the health orbs and use Big Bad Voodoo to finish off the harder monsters. If they're too difficult, I just simply kite them away, dealing damage while also avoiding their attacks. Big Bad Voodoo has a long cool down, so I always save it for elites, champions and bosses. The zombie wall is a great way to attack from far away without worrying about being chased, and while staying out of the range of most attacks.
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    I run splinters when I run MP8+ and for Ubers if we need a tank. Usually ~180k dps with Pierce the Veil and use Acid Cloud when I have the mana (using that over a different spell for the bleed on my Skorn) with ~1500LifeRegen and a pet build. For the open field, I equip Unity ring, but when in the uber fights, i Switch to SOJ with + poison dart damage. Splinters to me is the best single target skill when you need passives for others skills, like Pet Tanking, but on lower MPs, I find a build around a certain skill quite a bit more efficient, such as Full Nuke Bears for MP4 and lower, and Infinite Spirit Barrage for the higher MPs when your pets do not need to be full tanks.
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    @Animosity74: why not Flaming Dart against ubers? Since you're just hitting one target anyway, wouldn't Flaming Dart shoot faster (only 1 projectile vs. 3 projectiles)?

    @Cosmic: VQ has changed quite a bit, I don't know if you noticed that. Not many people run with it, now; I did for a while (both before and after the change), because my gear was crap (it still is, just less so, now) and it was the only way to sustain some damage, plus it was easy to use - just pop a Pyrogeist, and pronto, a constant +30%to mana regen. But I dropped it now, the slots are better used by other skills.
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    In HC,

    I cannot afford crit chance or dmg,
    I cannot afford the zuni set,
    I cannot afford to compromise on dps or life for the sake of mana reg on helm, weapon or offhand,
    I don't have the mana to use bears,
    I cannot afford LOH, so toads are no option,
    I can afford a bit of IAS,
    I need something that hits reasonably hard vrs. elites

    So Splinters it is in HC.

    There was a reason why it was the way to go when everybodys gear was crap and we were scared of act I elites.
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