Paragon farming build variation (poison,bears w/ side sac)

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    I wanted to share something unorthodox but I think is a viable variation on your classic bears/acid cloud farming build.

    This is considering you're running act3 in MP1-2

    If you have decent mana regen, with a large enough mana pool 'pierce the veil' as one of your passives is usually a must. With PtV I sit around 160K dps can spam bears and or acid cloud for a fair amount of time, long enough everything is dead before I go oom. I thought maybe this was just a bit over kill and found a build variation which I think will increase efficiency.

    So the cookie cutter build is something along the lines of

    Bears(for elites)/ Pc for AOE

    -spirit walk / Jaunt
    -horrify / stalker
    -Soul harvest / soul to waste
    -With some variation of dogs, garg, manitou, so on

    passive being

    -Pierce the veil
    -Gruesome feast (works amazing with PuR)
    -Grave injustice ^^

    My variation is as such, you only change 2 skills. You drop PtV for 'circle of life' (which also benefits from PuR), and as your 4th variation skill you pick up 'sacrifice' with 'provoke the pack'.

    Since you are mowing down mobs so fast you generate dogs at a really good rate, by sacing 3 dogs you get a DP boost of 15% compared to the 20% from PtV. The buff from provoke the pack lasts for a good chunk of time, meaning its easy to keep it up 100%.

    What do we lose from this build?

    -you lose the 5% from from the provoke the pack buff being 15% and PtV being 20%

    What do we gain?

    -All spells are now 30% cheaper meaning your spam potential is now greatly increased.
    -You gain a heat seeking nuke of 825% wp dmg from your dogs with 'sacrifice' which has no CD as long as you are getting 'circle of life' procs

    The only thing you have to pay attention to is making sure you only sac 3 dogs at a time, to keep that dmg buff at 15%

    So, even though there is a slight dps loss from your passives, the increased spam rate and the nuke, I think helps to speed up a run greatly thus giving you faster paragon levels, and legendary drop rate.

    Try it out, let me know what you think. :)
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    I was farming with circle of life and the proc is great, 3 dogs all the time. At low mp, the damage of sacrifice is enough to kill elites and all whites. For mp3-4 I was using Pride, insta full mana is awesome too, but for low mp its not useful.
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