circle of life + final gift zombie dogs

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    Recently i tried combo from topic, with classic fast farming low mp acid rain build.
    Results are quite interesting. You are supposed to get 30% chance to respawn killed enemy as zombie dog. But if you pick also zombie dogs active skill, then passive respawns dogs depending on selected rune. Final gift gives us a chance (15%) per dog to drop health globe when they die.
    When we kill enemies, passive respawns dogs, and if we already have 3, new dogs still spawn, and existing dogs die to make room for new dogs. And they drop health globes, just like they were recasted with 0cd, or killed by mobs.

    Return in health globes per enemy should be 30% * 15% = 4,5%
    So roughly 1 extra globe per 20 killed monsters. Doesn't seem like much.

    Now where it gets weird. It seems there is much more of these health globes, or just spawn rate from white monsters is so low, that even that 5% given very fast killing speed of acid rain build, makes such big difference.
    I feel like with this combo it is much easier to sustain charged up to max gruesome feast, which results in massive damage boost. Not to mention increased mana regeneration from same passive.
    Anyone has experience with these skills? It seems to have really significant impact on run speeds, having that 5x gruesome feast stack, with good gear means about 350-400k dps, and really one shotting everything with acid rain.
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    That's really interesting. I'd love to see a video of this in action. I don't have enough pickup radius to put this to work, though.
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    I did run with that rune and that passive very briefly after I put Sac into my build and it did seem quite effective -- that said, I didn't really drill down into it too much. My most recent couple days though I've been running without dogs on bars (dropped them in favor of Mass Confusion and Horrify) and only using Circle to generate them. I may go back and give it a shot to compare it to my current setup and see if it averages out faster. I really like Stalker and Paranoia though . . .
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    Well you only need to drop paranoia, it costs only 1 active skill vs normal setup.
    I use this with acid rain as main and bears for elites. It is playable with pure acid rain, but some rare monsters with extra health can take few seconds longer with acid rain only, while bears just roll over any pack in equally short time.
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    works fine for me.. thx

    will tune it and see where i get =)
    Somebody call for dee docter?
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    I was thinking about this same idea and whether (and how well) it would work over the weekend; glad to hear it's effective for the OP, but I think I'm in maka's boat, as I've only got about 26 yards of PuR. Do you think that would be enough to run this build effectively on MP1-2? My unbuffed DPS is 98k.
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    26 is plenty, note that passives, both circle of life and grave injustice already have some base range, and pickup radius from items adds up with it
    I'm around 30 yards as well.
    Also while doing such speedrun, you are often at melee range, spamming acid rain at your feet. No point to spam it very far away from the character, if you gonna run there afterwards anyway.
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    Just messed with this and without question it results in higher 5-stack GF uptime. Also lets me double-sac dogs back-to-back. That kind of makes up for losing Paranoia. Not enough runs yet to tell if it makes things reliably faster but it's definitely something I'll be experimenting with.

    EDIT: A few runs in now and I'm pretty sure this will end up being more efficient. Not only does it keep your stack consistently higher, it also is providing enough additional mana for me to go with Jaunt over Honored Guest on Spirit Walk which is extra speed - + double Sac dog, etc. It's a nice setup -- I've really been enjoying Paranoia but this double-dip on health globes is very effective and will likely be hard to pass up.
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