restarted my ex-mainchar, maybe you wana help :)

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    Hi guys!

    When D3 came out, the WD was my first char.
    But i switched to DH and then to Barb, because i couldnt play the WD as i wanted.
    Now, with some patches and some skill changes, i wanted to give my old WD another chance.

    I geared him up in a 15mill challenge. Maybe i could get more for my money, but i did it rather quickly!

    So here is my WD

    At the moment, i test a few specs, but my mainquestion is:

    What would you guys consider to upgrade first (i have some money to spend)?
    Would be awesome.

    PS: Another thing is... IAS is nice, but is AS a considerable upgrade for a/my WD?
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    Attack speed isn't an ideal stat for WDs because we tend to be limited by mana. Attacking faster only makes us run out of mana faster. It's not a bad stat, but int, crit chance and crit damage are more important.

    Look for rings, an amulet and gloves which have int and dual crit (crit chance + crit damage), and possibly vit and/or all resists additionally. Also look for a helm with crit. Lastly, look for an additional 12% movement speed to bring you up to 24% (the limit is 25%). Lacuni prowler bracers are common for this, but since you don't have the zuni set you could also use a tyrael's might. I believe there's a ring and an amulet with it as well.

    I would suggest using zombie charger + bears for your main damage dealer instead of acid cloud.
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