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    First, hello to everyone in the community, was mostly reading but now i am in a dilema on where to go so i came here for some help

    This is my WD
    Majstortona#2829 on EU

    I am going to upgrade something but i am stuck atm because i don't know wjhat.
    The weapon seems to be the logical choice as an Echoing Fury or Manajuma's Carving Knife net me the biggest dps increase.
    My budget is around 75 Mils so what do u guys think, also this ring will be replaced with hellfire one as soon as i get a decent one and i would like to keep the zuni one for the set bonus.
    There is also a MCK weapon with 2.8 Ls and 600 LOH on ah with just a bit over 1k dps that gives like 1.2k dps increase but the loh+ls combo seems good, thoughts on that, or should i go for higher EC MCK that usually give me around 7-8k dps.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Link to your profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Majstortona-2829/hero/20919780

    You're right, you desperately need a weapon and manajuma's is perfect. Approaching 100k and up you just need some leech, LoH is for characters with much less damage. Other suggestions include a stone of jordan, a zumi helm with crit, a lacuni bracer (or some other source of an additional 12% runspeed to get to 24% out of the 25% cap), and a witching hour belt. If you end up low on pickup radius, snag a thing of the deep.
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    Yes i was thinking about this also for the past 2-3 hours but i have another thing to ask, since zombie bears deal % of weapon dmg is getting a EF with 1250 dps (2.8 ls, 150 int= better then MCK with 1050 dps (2.8 ls, 180 int, 8-9 as, 80 ctd) that what also came to my mind, does actually a bigger increase on paper means the same in practice when dealing dmg with bears.
    Also all u posted on potential upgrades is correct just need to get few hundred of mills to get the pieces i really want.
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    If you get MCK get one with a socket. Crit damage is a big deal, if you get 180%+ on your weapon alone you're in good shape. If a weapon has as, that figures into the dps displayed, eg. 1100 dps w/ 10% ias is really just a 1000 dps weapon. For that matter, as isn't a great stat for WDs since the class is so limited by mana.

    I have never tried EF, but the fear proc seems like it would be annoying to deal with since you want everything grouped up for bears. I know there are some WDs here who use it so they can probably give you a good answer on that.
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    Will look into it but idk i will be able to afford one since the 1k+ dps ones with socket go for a lot of gold.
    Yep nothing over 900 dps is affordable.
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    Don't worry so much about weapon dps, crit damage is very important. My MCK is 853 dps with only 77% cd and a socket, and I'm rocking 105k unbuffed (my profile hasn't yet updated)
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    After imputing my stats in various calculators i managed t grab a Manajuma's Carving Knife with
    881.3 DPS
    329-930 DMG
    +44% DMG
    197 INT
    CD 85%
    2.9% LS
    Socket with 90% CD

    This gave a bit under 10k dps improvement and i just went over 100k now.
    Edit; also today zuni head droped for me with more int and vit but no pick up radius, but i was a great upgrade so i changed the gloves for a higher crit one and alo + radius so i am again on +12 and i think that is enough as i played with 12 before when i had the string of skulls. ToTD is great but can't compare with mine in terms of stats and mine is just a mediocre, next big upgrade for me will probably be Lacuni Prowlers for the speed but getting ones with int,vit,and cc will not be cheap.
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