Gearing advice for efficient WD farming

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    Hello guys,

    I was playing a WW barb but I got bored and started a WD. I just arrived to inferno and i have around 4.5million to spend. I would like to gear up my WD before the patch (because i assume that after the buff WD gear will be much more expensive) and i would appreciate if i received advice from more experienced WDs.
    If my 4.5 m budget is not going to make Act 2 farming efficiently i can farm with my WW barb up to the point where i can buy gear for my WD to progress. I would also find really helpful if you guys can tell me from your own experience which build makes farming more efficient and what stats to aim for in each piece of gear.
    Thanks for the advice!
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    Sup, this is what I use, you can definitely get most of the stuff on my list for 4.5 mill, only thing that might be off is the spear, but that you can save up for and just use a regular 1k dps instead.
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    thanks man! and regarding the build that you use, what do you think is the way to go?
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    The thing is... because all that matters is champs in D3, you end up with kind of weird specs designed for burst damage being the best.

    Like generally you wouldn't use darts with bears, but once you have to gear it actually makes sense. Same goes for Gruesome Feast.

    Some advice... get mana regen on Helm, Weapon and Off Hand. Use Bears (or bats) with BBV and FA, along with Soul Harvest and SW. If you're using Bears (which is actually better I think for pure farming) you probably want Poison Dart as your other ability. Personally, I'd use Jaunt as my SW rune. You can kill champs super fast with Bears, making Jaunt really useful for being immune to everything.
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