What is your favorite main dmg spell?

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    Quote from Findulidas

    Wish leaping spiders would be better, thats prob my favorite.

    I'm with this guy, I really wanted to be able to have a build where ALL my skills were "pets" and use spiders as my primary.

    Spiders should leap baseline, and do more damage baseline (since they have the chance to not hit the full amount of times, and won't all attack one target in groups) and switch leaping rune to something fun.
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    Honestly, any and all of the toad runes.

    Now they just need to fix ToH to actually work on elites...
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    Phantasm, no doubt.
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    poison darts :P
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    I love the idea of rain of toads, i just cant make a build with it work, so i use bears with spirit walk and vessel.
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    I love the idea of rain of toads-------igshoops
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    Dire Bats for me, the damage-AOE-Piercing just seals it. I use the 5-cooldown VQ build.

    If I could, though, it would be Addling Toads. Just so bad at pathing, such short range... I'm a huge Confusion fan :D
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    My friend making frogs always makes me laugh. :D
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    Quote from seenUzehr

    Locust Swarm w. Pestilence fo sho :3

    I am still new to the witch doctor but with fire bats and locust swarm, don't you have to be really pretty close for this to work? Do you have high life/armor to survive getting hit.

    I am level 35 and I am using Splinters and Acid Cloud so I can keep some distance. Any help would be great.
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    up until now fire bats :)
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    I just started playing with Firebomb (Roll the Bones) and I'm having an insane amount of fun with it. It's not quite the same single-target damage as Poison Dart (Splinters) but it definitely allows me to drop Insect Swarm off my bar and pick up another survivability skill and change my passives up slightly since mana becomes a non-existent "problem."

    I can see myself having tons of fun with Firebomb post-1.0.4 when pets have been buffed, honestly. 85% weapon damage may be a bit low, but we'll see how that plays out.
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