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    Hello all!

    I've started playing D3 since relese date in Europe. I've spend about 180h playing. Can't say that I'm real gamer but... I've enjoyed this game so far! Unfortunately I've found myself in very difficult position recently. I feel that 180 hours of playing is more than enough to progress from act II inferno to act III. Truth is I'm not able to face it because I can't gear up properly. This is killing my game pleasure.

    Therfore, I am humbly asking for your help and guidance. I will attach below my current skill & item build. I've amassed about 9 million gold. What shall I buy? Shall I focus on chest, pants, helmet or rather on 1 hand weapon with offhand (I'm not really sure if there is a chance to make my dps higher by buying a weapon coz it's only 9kk).

    I would be very grateful for any feedback you could be able to give me on sorting this out.
    Many thanks!

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    I would focus on getting gear with +all resistance, that will help with survivability. Other than that, your gear looks good. I can't say anything about a 1h+offhand being better than a 2h, but I like to use the 1h+OH method. Both my weapon and mojo have sockets in them which makes it better. Some people that solo like to use shields as well, which will also help with survivability.
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    My advice is to make a bear build. You will need items with as much crit as possible. This build will work if you have good friend to farm with.
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