Has anyone found a fun build that uses Cloud of Bats (Firebats rune)?

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    Apologies if this is misspelled, incoherent, or full of typos, I'm somewhat intoxicated.

    For those of you who like to mess around with experimental builds:

    In short, I was wondering if anyone has found a good, inferno-viable build that utilizes the Cloud of Bats rune for the firebats skill? If you haven't tried it, play around with it; it's somewhat unique in the firebats skill family. I think it's a fun skill, and I'd like to use it. Possibly in conjunction with the Manitou rune of Spirit Barrage, which is similar.

    I was dicking around with some builds for it, but I kept running in to the same old problem that being too close to enemies just kills me too quickly to down anything, especially with elite packs. I tried to combine it with Grave Injustice in the hopes of getting Spirit Walk and Mass Confusion to pop constantly (sort of like that melee wizard build that's been going around that relies on constant crits to reset frost nova, etc.), but I can't get it to proc enough to be viable. I tried adding a bunch of healing skills to my build (Life Link dogs, Ghost Trance voodoo, Consuming Spirit haunt), but they just don't seem to keep me healed enough to negate high melee damage. The only time I've gotten it to be viable past A1 is by playing with a wizard friend who was consistently popping stuns/freezes. I tried using my own stuns (really just the Mass Hysteria rune of Mass Confusion), but the truth is the WD is much more suited to slowing than stunning.

    I can use it reliably in A1 w/28k dps, around 470 average resist, and 3.3 k armor. But in higher difficulties I just can't seem to hack it.

    Anyone tried anything similar? Just curious to hear others' opinions and attempts. Also please link guides or videos if they exist. I don't know if it's possible to rig this into being viable, but I thought it might be fun to try. I just like to experiment with weird stuff and Cloud of Bats/Manitou seem like unique skills in the WD's lineup.
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    I tried to give this skill another chance a few days ago, and was completely amazed at the damage. It hits about as fast as my direbats, but gives close to twice the attacks per second I would guess.

    You're going to run into two problems trying to make the skill viable-

    1. The mana (Witch doctor staple with any cool build)
    2. Survivability

    The only way to fix the mana is Vision Quest, but vision quest causes your survivability issues to be magnified, as you are basically face tanking the monsters with no cooldowns. I tried running the 5 cooldowns / no primary to hopefully smooth this out, but not having a single ranged attack can be pretty painful against certain monster types.

    Combine this with the fact that certain mechanics are just not meant to be tanked (Fire chains / desacrator / even big windup melee attacks), and I ended up shelving the build.

    I know there are a lot of LOH builds out there, so if someone with that gear wants to test it out it could be interesting. The only way I could see it work is with an absurd amount of damage - enough to drop packs in the span of spirit walk / spirit vessel, but at that point, well, just about anything is probably viable.
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    the problem i see is that u need to channel for like 2 seconds for it's full benefit, and every time you cast something else u have to start over to receive that 50% benefit. also you need to stay melee >.
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    Felt like a weaker Sleet Storm that does not have slow or 20% damage mastery, in an class that does not have armor buffs.
    Not a fan.
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    Solo not so viable but it does okay damage if you're playing in a group and can have a tank block the doorway. It's not so great otherwise. you could spirit walk in, and when that cuts out, mass confuse/stun, but overall, meh.
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