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    Myself and a friend decided this weekend to try a bit of Duo Hardcore, he taking a barb which he had played previously to 60 softcore, and myself playing a WD, with no experience.

    Now that we are at Act 1 Nightmare Level 35 I want to actually learn more about this class, and define a decent hybrid build of survivability and damage. Im finding decent reading material pretty much non existant especially with post patch details.

    I dont want to be fully tank but Im stacking a good amount of mitigation and wont go without a shield.

    The main problem I have is trying to test dps abilities, while playing HC. Its not viable considering we want to be careful.

    Currently using,

    Poison Dart x3
    Dire Bats
    Big Bad Voodoo 30 sec
    Garg with Enrage
    Spirit Walk
    Grasp 80%

    I like this set up, and for now garg is still proving viable. Dire Bats however feel like they are losing power, and this is starting to feel weak considering the mana burn it produces.

    So what Im looking for is some advice on a good pack dps burner.

    Also anything drastically necessary Im missing?

    Cheers in advance.
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    Spirit Barrage with Phantasm and Rush of Essence will give you some burning ability to go with Grasp of the Dead to replace Dire Bats. Or you could go with a Vision Quest build with Bears, but for JC that is not very viable since it's not very sustainable.

    Not being able to really BURN stuff is quite normal on hardcore, you have to focus more on survivability so your dps will suffer as a result. Just learn to live with it and find a build that will compliment the barbs build. Maybe add Mass Confuse there at some point, with 20% more damage, and let the Barb rip them apart.

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