Witch Doctor Primer & Video Compendium

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    This is a Video Compendium and Primer of all the Witch Doctor's various Skills and Runes. I demonstrate everything and provide some commentary going over the general use of the ability along with synergies and Passives that benefit it. I also talk about the overall usefulness of the different Runes in practice.

    Each set of abilities is listed under its category (Primary, Secondary, Defensive, etc.) excluding the WD's Pets which I made into their own episode.

    For ease of navigation I've organized everything into a playlist found here:


    To start I have a video explaining Elective Mode and Advanced Tooltips for players that weren't aware of these options:

    Next each of the different ability categories:





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    And finally I put it all together with some sample builds:

    "The Rainman":

    "The (Fricken) Chicken Bomber":

    "The Head Hunter":

    I tried my best to avoid misinformation, but if you see that I made a mistake please let me know either in this thread, in the video's comments, or via PM, and I'll amend the video with an annotation.

    I hope this helps players new to the class or those that were overwhelmed by the variety of Skills and Runes in this game. Here's hoping the WD doesn't stay the least played class for long. =)
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