WD zombie dog movie tweak

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    I recently read the blue post about zombie dog tweaking to scale with your vitality and I thought that you may want to make a video from inferno showing us that tweak. Reason is that alot of WD:s run around with 25k or less health in later inferno and it very expensive to change all that intelligence gear to vitality or preferably both stats to test out something that may or maynot suit your playstyle at all.
    My advise for this short "trailer?" is to show a mortar affix championpack prehaps the corrupted angels in act 4? and show how they could serve as a little wall for some second alow you to get close to the angels to not get hit by mortars and get charged but be able to keep distance from theire melee. A boss fight obviously and prehaps theese big spider packs in Core of Arreat before Azmodan.
    All this to show the players it can be usefull, and even thought I don't play WD myself yet I would enjoy see theese little creatures on my side with my friends, until I get killed by em in the arena when 1.0.3 hits live then i will make a new post about blizzard nerfing them!! ;)
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    What? Who should make a video? Of what? Pets insta dying in inferno?
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