Zombie Charger WD (ZcWd)

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    Here is my build (used for farming the end of act 1; for progression you will require some changes as explained bellow): http://eu.battle.net...UZRX!ZbV!bccaab

    Active Skills
    Corpse Spiders - Widowmakers: Seeing as the main damage producing skill is Zombie charger which consumes a huge amount of mana I need a way to recover that mana. You have a choice between Splinter Darts (which steal 24mana per hit) and Widowmakers which steal 3mana per hit. The advantages of Widowmakers are:
    - 3 spiders which can hit up to 4-5 times in a normal situation. This means 36-45 mana restored
    - faster cast which means you will be staying in one place for a slower ammount of time
    - Widowmakers can be cast when you are not in range of the enemy, when there is something between you and the enemy (very good for wallers), when the enemies are invulnerable (very good for shielding).

    Zombie Charger - Zombie Bear: Huge amount of damage, biggest done by any WD skill. It has the downside of needing for you to be in close, but spirit walk+hex+horrify at the end gives you enough time to cast them for 5-7 (at this moment your mana ends anyway)

    Spirit Walk - A must have for any WD doctor:
    - I preffer healing journey in this case because i am farming and the 14% life regen is worth more than one extra second of spirit walk.
    - In case you are using this to progress or you are getting one hitted by enemies Jaunt (1 extra second of spirit walk is also good)
    - I am yet to try Honnored Guest (30% mana regen), but this is a good alternative as well.

    Grasp of the Dead - Survival skill, very good for all normal mobs and for around 60% of elites/uniques/rare:
    - I use unbreakeable grasp because this skill is meant for Crowd Control (CC) and not for dmg dealing
    - I prefer this over Zombie Wall for farming because it does the same damage and has a much lower cooldown (8sec vs 25sec)
    - Mass Confusion is also a good skill to use here, but with the same dissadvantage of increased cooldown.
    - Zombie Wall and Mass Confusion will most likely be a lot better when progressing through the game (hell and inferno)

    Hex - Survival Skill, the best at killing any alone monster, especially the last unique/rare/elite monster which is hexxed 50% or more of the time:
    - I use Hedge Magic because it gives a good healing and helps a lot in long rare/elite/unique fights
    - Jinx is a good alternative both for farming and progressing through the game. It is a good alternative in the last case (progression) because most monsters kill you so fast anyway that you are not interested in healing and you just want to take out as many as possible until you die.

    Horrify - Survival Skill, to be used when you are cornered and your Spirit Walk is on Cooldown or when your other abilities are on Cooldown:
    - I use Face of Death because with a 12 yard range the skill would require you to be too close (would only be effective when casting bears really up close).
    - Stalker and Frightening Aspect are also good, but they have the downside of you needing to be way to close as said before.
    - Horrify can be replaced, as is the case of Grasp of Dead, by Mass Confussion or Zombie Wall, but i prefer it because it is more versatile (Mass Confusion isn't that effective against elites/rare/uniques unless you have a mob next them and you shouldn't have a mob next to them; Wall of Zombies is a lot more situational requires somewhat closed spaces [thinking of it Wall of Zombies is a good change for farming the end of act 1 due to the fact that there are only of closed spaces there]

    There are a lot of passives worth it out there. I am aware of this.

    Jungle Fortitude - A must have unless you get one shotted by over 50% of the mobs. If you get one shotted even with Jungle Fortitude then you can easily change it to something else. At the moment it goes very well with the Healing aspect of my build (spirit walk and hex both heal me):
    - Blood Ritual is a good alternative here in case you want to go more towards a glass cannon
    - Grave Injustice is good for progression because you will kill a lot more monsters while farming here. At the end of act I you can easily kill the mobs before facing elites/rares/uniques.

    Spiritual Atunement - Increased mana regen without any tradeofs like requiring you to have skills on Cooldown or using your life to cast

    Spirrit Vessel - A free life (coming with a 3 sec Spirit Walk), reduced cooldown on Spirit Walk and Horrify. A must have skill no matter what (especially if you die easily or if you are farming and you don't want to have the rares/elites getting back to full health when you die)

    Info about me:
    Farming Act I Inferno (last quest including butcher).

    Item Information (I will not list items, just the important details):
    10.9k Dps
    40k Life
    3.7k armor (55% dmg reduction)
    38-46% reduced dmg from resistances
    I use a shield (18% block chance, 2.8-3.7k block ammount)
    13% dodge
    29 mana regen/per second.

    This build is quite capable of farming in act I Inferno. Just wanted to hear opinions and to help some fellow WDs.

    I will update with explanations on skills, answers and so on later.

    Update 1. Explanation of Active and Passive Skills.

    Quote from Arthadas

    hmm kinda bad build compared to like triple dart build ! 10.9k dps is kinda low, because i just dinged like 15mins ago and got already 19.5k dps as dart shooter with high Attack speed. And you need to test act2-act3. Because i cleared act1 even with barbarian :D

    I would be quite interested in the weapon/mojo/inteligence you have. Also a link to your exact build would be useful.

    Second of all, this build is intented not to clear act 1, but to farm the end of act 1. For act 2 some skills require changing as explained in update 1 where i say which skills are useful for progression and which for farming.

    Act 2-3 will be tested after i get some more items because i like the flow of farming (speed vs drops) at butcher.

    I also used triple dart a lot, but it just doesn't to the damage unless you have big DPS and you can't have a big DPS without farming (or big luck on hell/progression in act 1).

    What i am trying to say is that this build can farm a decent area of Inferno with medium gear, without too much hassle (i do not die to often), while keeping a decent ratio between mana and life regen and survival.
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    hmm kinda bad build compared to like triple dart build ! 10.9k dps is kinda low, because i just dinged like 15mins ago and got already 19.5k dps as dart shooter with high Attack speed. And you need to test act2-act3. Because i cleared act1 even with barbarian :D
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    Update 1. Explanation of Active and Passive Skills.
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    I personally use a build where the only damaging ability is zombie bears for farming Act 1: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#fjUTQP!UVe!caaZbb

    If you get an MH/OH/Helm with the right mana regen, you can essentially have infinite mana with bears (except in BBV). I find this to insanely powerful for act 1, and for act 2 I simply swap out bears for Dire Bats. Also, a little tip of sorts, is that if you position yourself right, you can force your bears to spawn in a sort of single file line. When you do this, you triple your single target damage with bears, in which case you will see the health of champs and bosses plummet. If you have any questions, ask away.
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