What Witch Doctor builds are you using?

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    Act 3 Hell lvl 58, soloing


    This is simply the best build i've come up with that works wonders and will probably use it in inferno too, maybe with some small tweaks.
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    My build for solo is: http://us.battle.net...UPYT!bUV!ababac

    I'm currently on Act 1 on Inferno.

    It's a bit hard at the start to focus on having 4 spells on cd at all times but you get used after a while.

    I sometimes replace one of those long cds spells with Soul Harvest with the health rune but since at 60 you lose the stacks of Nephalem valor I'm kinda locked.

    If I feel strong enough I give up Spirit Vessel for Gruesome Feast - awesome passive to have at Skeleton King as those skeletons drop A LOT of globes.
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    Quote from Vundal

    Quote from Osceola

    I'm only level 26 right now so not much to tell. I do like this build at the moment though. It melts through the enemies incredibly quick.

    change acid clouds rune to blob when u get the chance. its amazing and if you spam it like i do, the lil blobs will help alot in dealing aoe dmg . they ahve actually suprised me with their power in a boss fight. (spam till empty-spiritwalk to replenish mana-spam again. you have around 8 blobs on your target now doing a shitton of dps)

    That was definitely a good tip. I just finished Nightmare Act 1 at level 37. I've tweaked my build to include that, and changed it quite drastically as well. The build I'm currently using now just completely melts through entire mobs of enemies. I still use the dogs, and I have no problem keeping them up, and even when they do drop it's usually after the refresh is back up. Even with bosses the build I use proves no problems. This is the current build I'm running: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#hWdiYT!ade!abZZZZ
    With this build I am dropping maybe two Acid Clouds, and then spamming the Rain of Toads. Rain of Toads completely burns enemies down like no other. When I get low on mana I'll just start lobbing Firebomb.
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