My WD Build, Very High DPS

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    Here is my witch doctor build shooting for a lot of dps and dealing with CC with sacrifice to wipe out a pack of mobs as my aoe, locus for DOT and nuke is pile on ofcourse, only concern is maybe mana but should be accounted for with my passives; Gruesome Feast and Spiritual Attunement. Give me your thoughts and opinions.
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    Pierce the veil will kill your mana in a build that does damage with only firebats and locust swarm. Even without pierce you will be OOM in seconds and then what do you plan on doing? I'd replace WoZ with a low cost spell.

    Sac seems like an odd skill to have in this build. You have 0 defense.... if you use sac and it doesn't kill what you're fighting you're dead. Also, when your dogs die in this build you're dead.

    To summarize:

    1.) You need more defense
    2.) You need a low cost spell
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