Level 30 Witch Doctor Builds

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    So, according to the info we have gotten we should have completed normal mode atc 4 by the end of level 30. So, going into nightmare. What builds are you guys trying to run with.

    So teh challange make a build that requires lvl 30 (maybe up to lvl 33 if it is a core rune.)

    Have fun, better try to preplan it then sitting there at the start of nightmare and being able to do nothing :P

    Anyway here is my build:


    P.S damn it is pretty limited with a lvl 30 build
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    something like this, i guess.
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    Wall of Zombies acts as a literal meat shield to spam toads behind without fear of reprisal. Mass Confusion and Circle of Life serve to help ensure a steady supply of dogs to explode (Which in turn also ought to keep a few out due to the glyph). Locust Swarm additionally debuffs anyone infected by it to deal less damage and Soul Siphon heals me and buffs my damage.

    Some decent synergy there, if you asked me.
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