Complete WD Beta Playthrough

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    I finally managed to snag up beta access for D3 and I was pretty stoked. I also make amature YouTube videos/Let's Play things so I thought I'd record the entirety of my playthrough and post it here so you guys could critique/watch/blah. If you haven't gotten into the beta, this will show you the entire quest line up to the SkeleKing. And if you're not sold on the WD yet, maybe this will give you a better idea of their progression, what skills I found effective, etc.

    On one last, serious note, I plan on using ZomDogs and Gargantaur through NM, Hell & Inferno. Anyone else as scared as I am about the scaling? Even with 20% reduced dmg and 20% increased health, I'm not so sure they'll last more than 1-2 hits. Tell me I'm wrong and they'll be awesome! Haha!
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