Vermin/Spider Queen

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    Im in the process of playing around with the skill calculator since it's been updated. And I just have a question about corpse spiders, runed (spider queen) and the passive vermin.

    It says in the vermin tooltip that the damage of your corpse spiders is increased by 20% does this bonus extend to the spider queen herself? she doesn't have a base damage percentage that we know of.

    Any info on this would be appreciated. thanks
    (sorry if this didn't deserve a whole thread, but I haven't found another post on it)

    Edit: Do the fierce loyalty and jungle fortitude passives apply to her aswell?
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    1. The spiders she spawn will do 20% weapon damage as poison to enemies in the area, with vermin this would be 24% (20x1.2=24)
    What we do not know is how many spiders she will spawn in her 15second life or how large their area of effect will be
    2. I think she will be just a graphic effect and not an actual creature, similar to the wizards Hydra spell
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