Medicine Doctor

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    The basic idea is to couple jungle fortitude with bad medicine in order to make
    any mob that may hit you do significantly less damage.
    Spirit Barrage is there to quickly burn down single targets.
    cooldown rune of GotD along with grave injustice should put you at an almost no cooldown GotD
    pretty significant CC as well as decent amounts of damage.
    Wall of zombies is there for an oh !@#$ wall of inferno mobs running at you type of moment
    Swallow your soul and runed locust should keep mana regeneration fairly high, and corpse bomb is just for a decent size AoE nuke after dotting and CCing.
    Feedback please, and im really high while posting this so if some sentences dont make sense... my b.
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    even with devouring swarm, grave injustice and swallow your soul you still wont have enough mana regen to maintain this build because all of your spenders are the highest he has. id switch out grave injustice for spiritual attunement and 3% from spirit barrage really isnt much at all so id switch it for the rune that returns mana and you should be good. you wont be kiling fast enough in inferno for grave injustice to have any real benefit to your mana regen.
    "once the pretty hardcore gamers we had testing inferno found it fairly difficult, we then we doubled it" -trolololol jay wilson
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