critique my pvper

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    the build:!haV!YZcaYY


    Haunt (grasping spirit) = long range fire and forget snare this snare lasts for 15 seconds. even though this snare is only 30% it is easy to get on target and lasts a very long time.

    Grasp of the Dead (desperate grasp/unbreakable grasp) = a more powerful ranged snare that takes more micro management but it does damage too... great ability for controling distance (kiting or chasing)

    Spirit Walk (healing journey) = offensive and defensive movement ability. Use offensively to go invisible and get close to opponent only to pop out of nowhere and CC them with horrify and then unload damage. Use defensively for a quick heal or when under a lot of pressure.

    Horrify (phobia) = offensive (when used with spirit walk) and defensive CC.

    Big Bad Voodoo (Ghost Trance) = very nice AOE life regen for your team as well as 20% movement speed makes kiting with haunt and grasp of dead easier. Not having to "cast" the heal (thus wasting valuable time) makes it easy to use. the long CD blows but its still a powerful ability if used right.

    Spirit Barage (phlebotomize) = powerful single target damage. 3% life leach stacks with the other healing and survivabilities. With all the snares and speed boosts its easier to create distance and have more time use more intensive DPS abilities such as this.

    Death Trance = major survivability

    Jungle Fortitude = more survivability stacks well with death trance

    Spirit vessel = helps spirit walk and horrify CDs as well as gives a passive "oh sh!t" stay alive safety net.

    I think this build has it all. Lots of survivability, lots of CC and kiting abilities, good damage output and ability to heal group members. Concerned bout mana issues though....

    please critique
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    Great concept, but you have one damning issue - mana. The WD has a base regen rate of 25 mps. You're gonna run out very quickly.
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    Quote from ClassicWafflez

    Great concept, but you have one damning issue - mana. The WD has a base regen rate of 25 mps. You're gonna run out very quickly.

    yes its a concern of mine as well. However, the reason why i dont think it might be that bad is that most abilities are on CD except for Spirit Barrage. The only time one can use Spirit Barrage effectively is on a CCd/snared target otherwise the target will just line of sight the damage via pillar hugging; so thats situational at best and not really that spammable. Everything else has such long CDs that the mana regen might not that be that rough.

    other options are to to substitute in some mana regen glyphs instead of health regen ones. no clue which would be best though; spirit walk, big bad voodoo, and spirit barrage glyphs etc..

    passive substitutions also work but i think these 3 passives are very nice for pvp. no clue which passives could fit as well as these.
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