PvE "Fireman" Build (post p.13)

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    Overall it's ok. A couple of glaring issues that, while in lower levels won't be a big deal they'll get you killed quickly later on.

    Firebats, while it does a ton of damage, won't be usable in the harder levels. It's a great spell if you can stand there and constantly cast it but from the videos we have seen, the game will get chaotic later on. You WON'T be able to stand around. Defense and avoidance/movement will quickly become the best assets. Spells that allow you to run and do damage at the same time will be king.

    In that same vein, the build has too many direct damage casting spells. Yes, two is too many. You wont be able to effectively maximize your DPS if you have skills that are just sitting on your bar unused (eg Bats and Spirit Barrage cannot be used at the same time). Your first build will put out significantly more damage than your second one because both Haunt and FB can be active at the same time. Locust Storm and Acid Cloud may not do as much damage as Firebats per the tooltip, but I'd bet they'll easily do more actual damage in game in later levels. As far as runes, Big Stinger and Burning Dogs will do huge amounts of passive dot as well. If you really want that one primary direct damage spell, SB is going to be the best option. It's not aoe, but then again you already have quite a bit of aoe with dogs, GotD, and then assuming you add LS and/or AC.

    The BR and SH combo is solid. I don't see many builds with BR as I think it scares people away, but you'll come out on the positive end when using certain spells.

    Ya know I was just trolling you originally but now that I think about it....you might actually be right in regards to the idea of "unused skills"

    Switched back to Haunt: http://us.battle.net...ZRTY!aZW!caZZac

    I considered Locust but choose Haunt instead because Locus costs too much and it's a close range skill.

    I pretty much disagree with everything else

    As bad as Haunt is (I don't want to use it either), I think it will have a place.

    I'm not sure what else there is to disagree with. Firebats is a non-starter simply because you cannot move while casting. Watching the "You Will Die" videos Blizzard shared is more than enough evidence to support this conclusion. It's definitely a great spell and one of my favorites. It'll certainly do some damage in later levels, however there are several others that will do more simply because they will allow you to move and cast at the same time. But if it's something you want to give a go at, more power to you.

    I still don't get it....... Why can't I kite with Firebats? What's stopping me from channeling it for 2 secs, then moving?
    Wouldn't that make it more versatile than any other skill because it can be used either as a burst or it could be channeled in an enemies' face.

    ...in fact...pay attention @ 2:30


    What's to stop me from switching between being offensive and defensive?

    Keyword: Versatile
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