burst damage summoner build

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    the build:

    The entire right side of the skill tree is about keeping max 4 dogs in play for perpetual sacrifies. With big bad voodoo (w/boogie man) popped each time you sacrifice (w/next of kin) not only do you do burst AOE damage but also will likely get lots of new dogs which can be blown up imeediately thus repeating the cycle (all you gotta do is turbo mash sacrifice until theres no dogs left... its zero mana DPS). As the dog count starts do dwindle just recast zombie dogs and repeat the cycle.

    I use Ambush with fetish army to front load the damage of the spell, get some kills fast, thus taking advantage of the big bad voodoo (/w boogie man) timer more efficiently. I plan on popping both fetish army and big bad vodoo at the same time in order to get as many kills and thus zombie dog spawns and sacrifices in as possible.

    tribal rights because i want big bad voodoo up as often as possible for sacrifice spamming. tribal rights also works great on that fetish army. These are both zero mana abilities and are very powerful so using them as often as possible is ideal.

    Fetish sycophants + poison dart spam = keeps those fetishes up between cooldowns for even a bigger army. fetishes are cool. (Pierce the Veil might be better for sacrifice burst dps though so thats an option)

    Zombie handler makes it so 4 dogs can be out at once; this means more tanks and more units being sacrified for increased burst damage and better synergy with Big bad voodoo. Also gives your tanky summon (gargantuan) more life.

    The follower

    option 1
    I recommend the Enchantress because she has lots of aura buffs and a powerful aoe debuffs which compliments well when you have lots of units in play. Here is the build i recommend: http://us.battle.net...ower#!0110!0000

    option 2
    scoundrel can also work too; depends on how the 5% crit aura effects sacrifices. The slow and push back shot will help with crowd control a bit. Here is a build I recommend for the Scoundrel: http://us.battle.net...ower#!0110!0000

    all you gotta do with this build is sit in the back and spam poison dart and use sacrifice for that extra oomf. Everytime you get 3-4 dogs up you pop sacrifice spam until there are no more dogs auto spawning. pop your CDs when its time to redline your burst damage for a good 20 seconds. The only possible change Id make is perhaps substitute Fetish Sycophants for Pierce the Veil. Pierce the Veil might scale really nice with Sacrfice. But I just like fetishes so I went with "Fetish Sycophants" + poison dart spam instead as i thought it fit the theme of this build well.

    critiques more than welcome
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