Witch Doctor, Group vs Boss build

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    Ok so I wanted to make the ultimative group build for boss fights, this build is focused on pets, cooldowns and more cooldowns for bossfights where alot of DPS is required:


    Corpsespider: Queen Spider. chosen becouse it just stands there and do dps. wich ofc will be casted every time it goes off cooldown, meanwhile you just spam flamming darts, while you have your Gargantuan and 4 rapid dogs out for even more dps.

    ontop of that you have the following cooldowns:
    Gargantuan: Restless giant (120 seconds)
    Big Bad Voodoo: Slam Dance (120 seconds/90 seconds with Tribal Rites)
    Fetish Army: Devoted Following (80 seconds/60 seconds with Tribal Rites)

    with this build you will have cooldown on 4-5 abilitys at the same time, and becouse theres no mana saving runes in this build, i chosen Vision Quest as the first choice passive skill. I chose Zombie Handler to add survivability to your pets aswell as one more dog. and ofc Tribal Rites for a lower cooldown on your fetish army and big bad voodoo

    Ofc this build isnt focused on survivability very much, but in a group your most likely not the first target for the enemy to hit, so staying safe in the back is a key component.

    All around a very DPS oriented build.

    So what do you think about it? Discuss, and feel free to add your own builds.
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    The great thing about diablo 3 (which i think some people are annoyed at) is that you can constantly change your skills when needed. I intend to have one main build for dungeons and mobs but when it comes to a boss i will most likely change to a build which is better suited. I found that the WD is great at burning through mobs but when it comes to killing a boss i ran out of mana too quickly and DPS was limited. I didnt change skill set though. And i think once you play the game and learn what each boss can do you will know how to balance your skills effectively.
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    Lot of summons, nice build, it would make my pc crash with so many units arround hehe, anyway i think u should take some short of defenssive skill for when a boss do AOe damage or somethign like that, remember diablo2 fire pulse, that wass a pain, and i think some bosses will have some AOe like that aswell.

    I would change spider, for spirit walk with alabaster rune , or if u want a bit more DPs while u can heal some of the damage u recibe u can take haunt with crimsom rune, ofc like onslaught said, u wil need that bit of defense on some bosses with AOe dmg and u will focus more on pure DPS when the boss focus on single target.
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    You have exactly 4 skills with a cooldown, but I think by time you've recast gargantuan and dogs even though you didn't need to, you've spent half your mana pool and are starting boss fights at a large disadvantage. Maybe swap that out for the other more passive regen? It gives about half as much regen, but you can save over a thousand mana at the starts of fights.
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    Good points, Lets see how much mana you will get at higher levels and how much survivability skills you will need, cant know about that yet tho.
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