PvE "Rain Maker" Build

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    Hi Everybody!! (my first post)

    Here is a build I came up with and I think It would be very effective in almost any PvE situation. This build focuses on 3 major aspects: DPS, Regen/Resourse, and the often overlooked Survivability

    Rain Maker: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#iZYghb!aWU!bYZbYY

    DPS: The main source of damage with this build is Rain of Toads. Unlike it's unruned counterpart (Plague of Toads) RoT is a dependable, short lived, high DoT. Grasp of The Dead (Groping Eels) is also a cheap, but effective DoT that has snaring capabilities.

    Regen/Resource: At first glance some might think Spirit Barrage's (If the Spirit is Willing) purpose is to also be a DPS skill. Wrong. The only purpose of SB in this build is to be used in conjunction with Rush of Essence. RoE + SB + Golden Rune = Very high mana recovery capabilities.

    Survivability: Here is what I see lacking in a lot of other builds that have come before mine. From my understanding based on what I've seen (official gameplay vids, unofficial vids, leaked PvP vids), the WitchDoctor is almost/ just as soft as the Wizard. Jungle Fortitude is great passive that strait up reduces damage taken by 20%, but the real survivability in this build lies with with ZombieDogs modified with an Indigo rune to make Life Link (40% dmg absorption @ rank 4, 70% @ rank 7). With this combo of JF and ZD/LL, you won't be that guy in the party that always dies in one hit (D2 Reference). The Gargantuan is there for the sole purpose of tanking.

    Pease tell me what you think!
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