Question about skills and rerolling my Shard of Hate

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    Hi there,

    long time lurker, first time poster here. I played D3 since release day and got my monk to a state where I could farm MP5 easily. Now, I played the old cookie cutter skills, with sweeping wind-cyclone, bubble etc. and I still do (I miss my 4piece-Innas, where I could spam sweeping wind all the time...) and I very much would like to continue to doing so. I consider myself a casual player, playing in my spare time, which is - when my child sleeps - still plenty.

    When RoS started, I was rather lucky with drops (reading all the reports here) and am able to now comfortably farm T2, clearing the Hell rift just barely on T4. My Battle tag is Tefson#1366. I think, when I finally find those cain setplans and can reroll some stuff for better synergy with OWE, my character will come along nicely.

    In the long run, I would have to find better weapons, that was clear to me. And now this Shard of Hate dropped.

    I consider myself rather familiar with the concepts of the game and when I rerolled my necklace e.g. it was clear, that vitality had to go. But here I am a little at a loss. I have 400k life at the moment, and I read that going very high in HP is not advisable, rather pumping your toughness through mitigation. So, should I reroll the vitality into a socket? Or, since I am still running my old cookie cutter build, and the only moment where I am spirit starved is before I activate sweeping wind, do I need the rcr?

    Or even more important: Since I found an item such as Shard of Hate, is this now the time, where an item "forces" me to change my playstyle and my skills?

    Any advice (also about the rest of my gear) is very much appreciated. Before using my badly rolled Odyn's son, I used a rabid strike and shenlongs fist of legend, both of which I had to reroll a socket into, so I am perfectly willing to spend my amassed 24 Forgotten Souls :) to put one into the Shard, too.

    Cheers, Tefson
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    a socket in a weapon is a must have.
    sure reroll vitality into a socket. if you later choose to change your specc resource cost reduction could be very useful.

    If you have enough resistance, armor and sealf healing then 400k is enough.
    You get self healing form passive Transcendence, Paragon Levels for Life on Hit and Life per Second.

    If you want player higher torment efficiently, yes then you will be forced to change your skills.
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    I would roll the vit away. That's not always the case, but in your situation especially the vit seems to be of the lowest value. 10% RCR equals pretty much 10% more LTK spam, assuming that's what you'll use to trigger SoH. Because only the elements mentioned on the weapon trigger the procs, you'll want to use Deadly Reach: Scattered Blows as your spirit generator now and using Lashing Tail Kick: Scorpion Sting as damage dealer would be a very good idea as well.
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    Thanks alot for your answers. I rerolled vitality to a socket (took me only 4 tries,yay) and can now farm T3 rather nicely. I had the luck today to find my setpants, so that I am now rocking my four piece.

    I also changed my skills. And here's the next question: My LTK seems to hit like a sissy. Is it advisable to reroll the armor of my boots to plusdamage LTK (or the movement speed, since I can get it through paragon points)? Is LTK any good since I usually only have mobs in front of me (the rest is mostly dead). Shouldn't I be using cyclone strike instead?

    Thanks again for your help, it's greatly appreciated.

    Edited with more details.
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    For damage, LTK definately. Cyclone Strike should be regarded as an utility skill for grouping up mobs in group play. Rolling feet for LTK damage is a good idea if you play the LTK spam spec. That 4 set is a bit underwhelming, though better than nothing. Don't be afraid to break the set though, if some stronger (offensively, or defensively) items happen to drop.
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    Thanks again, Lumis, for the quick answer.

    I'll be rerolling to LTK damage then. I'm a bit surprised that 15 percent additional lightning damage, as is the fourpiece bonus, is not in high regard. Well, still going for that Eye of the Storm or the Cain setplans. Had Hallowed and Demon setplans drop today, but Cain's still elude me.

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    Go for Gyana Na Kashu (GNK) for head. The proc adds more damage to your LTK than even 30% of +lightning does.
    The set bonus isn't completely useless, but it's far from Aughilds 3 piece, or Blackthorne 2 pc.
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    About the LTK on head and boots, I would (if I was mainly using LTK) use it above ANY other stat, the only thing coming close to compete with it would be 6% crit on head, but it depends on the build. The neat thing is that the booster is applied previously to all other multipliers, this is another example why both DHs and Wizards are very strong, as theyre able to get up to 45% boost on their spenders.

    As far as the weapon and HP discussion goes; For the weapons, depending on how bad your Odyn Son is rolled, I'm pretty sure that your best option would be taking OS into MH and your SoH into OH. For the HP question;I am currently doing T3/4 on hardcore with 390k hp, so you should be more than fine if you reroll the Vitality.

    Say you have 40% elite dmg, 100% lightning and perfect LTK on both head and boots, it would look like this;

    Just for the sake of simplicity, we'll we using a weapon dealing an avg of 4 dmg.

    (624*1,3) * 4 * (1+1) * 1,4 = 9085,44
    Without the boosters, it would look like this

    (624*1,0) * 4 * (1+1) * 1,4 = 6988,8 . (Obviously enough, an (de/in)crease of 30%)

    It might only be on LTK; but if we had a damage meter I'm pretty certain that its above 50% of the total dmg done for almost every LTK build out there, so lets assume its 50%; you have a total increase of 15% damage done.
    When you use LTK; Remember that Sweeping Wind is an "utility" ability, and you will therefore we able to roll a total of 30% from shoulders and chest, but it can be tricky on chest, given that you'd like to have both 3 sockets, -elite dmg and dex/vit
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