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    Alright so currently this is how my monk is geared as you can see below in the link I use to have a puzzle ring which you will see in images below which gave me higher dps on paper but from what i understand that isn't as important. The problem I'm having is that I have 4 different weapons and I can't decide which one to use lol I've tried figuring it out but they all seem semi the same to me regardless of what i wear. So your input or theorycrafting would be appreciated..

    and the ring i had on before i had stone of jordan

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    You have a large amount of lightniing damage already, what is noteworthy is that the total valuegain falls as you gain more.
    As described in this thread regarding these weapons;

    "So for lightning monks - not accounting the ias/aps im pretty sure the ranking should be:

    1. Shard of Hate > Even after the bug fix the strongest proc
    2. Odyn´s Son > Single target much better then TF and offers another source of Bonus to Lightning Damage
    3. TF > 2nd best weapon in terms of ae procs(Up to 6 targets) and single target 2 procs on same target which is decent but imo worse then odyn´s overall
    4. WKL > max 25% Bonus to Lightning is pretty strong. If you are running SoH then WKL should pass TF and obtaining 3rd place pretty easy"
    Keep in mind past 100% lightniing the gain from 25% is only 12,5% total dmg%: (The lightning damage is added together and then multiplied by your damage, this means that the gain is not damage * 30 * 20 * 15, for instance, but damage * 65)

    Quick summarization on the procs; TF is 80% proc, doesnt scale with lightning; SoH is ~80% proc (skill dependent) and scales with lightnng and considered a projectile; OS is 20-40% proc and scales with lightning, stronget siingletarget of them all.

    As I can see you rerolled your WKL into IAS (I'd recommend 10% dmg once it synergizes with element dmg), things are abit changed - but assuming you rolled the socket on the rest, I'd personally go for OS and SoH, if you haven't rerolled the socket on either then reroll the X-Y value damage and put OS in your mainhand. Alternatively, due to your WKL's role and that you prefer to have a hiigher base than the proc chance, go for SoH + WKL with WKL in MH.

    Hope it helps you, for ring use always SoJ because of the elite damage's scaling, and the fact that white mobs hardly needs to die faster.
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    This is exactly the type of explanation I was looking for Thanks.
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