Last Patch no upgrade for us, the monks... I suggest (support this idea)

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    Hey all, come and see my propose for us, the monks at diablo3 blizzard forum.

    I will post a copy here of what I said:

    I have tried a lot of builds and them all are awesome. I just have some suggestions:

    - Need to raise damage at the dodge mantra (the green one), the last rune which allows you too deal weapon damage when evading a missile. Increase it from de 80 or 90%, which is now, to something near 200-250% (wont replace the reflect damage mantra, cause it is only when dodging missiles). This will allow us to choose a cool mantra working for us.
    - A lot of the new items have awesome crit dmg and chance but missing attack speed, so probably one passive which gives dodges should be changed. I builded 70% dodge chance (the max obtenaible, then every 15% adds around 2 or 3 percent due the logarithmic math scale up) which gave around 30 m thoghness but still one passive was storbing there (you may choose dual one handed = dodge or 42% or your crit chance is added to dodge). So one of this runes should be changed for something that great increase attack speed (maybe 30 or 35%) while dual handed (ye... we all noted that primaries base attack speed was really decreased... come on we are monks we dream attacking fast!) and when using 2-handed it increase your spirit regeneration x3 on each spirit generator when attacking. Cause no ones uses a 2-handed and we are ment to use daibo too but due to the slow spirit regeneration no one uses them.
    - Increase primaries base attack speed.
    - When casting any skills, it shouldn't stop our basic attacks... I mean it would be cool attacking while casting cyclone without breaking our spirit generator.
    - Change spirit per second to spirit per crit or maybe per dodge realized.
    - Add a passive which adds diferents status to our elemental attacks... Maybe something that heals when doing holy attacks, adding more dodge when doing lighting damage, or maybe increase attack speed while doing fire damage, or raise crit chance when using cold skills.
    - Increase the inner sanctuary radius to the entire screen, it would be cool using it as a healer to all our party or maybe slowing entire screen monsters or buffering damage to all our party members.
    - Change the formula of healing scaling it a lot on instant healing skills alowing us to be the healers of the parties. And change cooldowns so we will be able to heal our parties more constantly.

    We all know that we doesn't do huge damage. This upgrade would help us a lot and would give us a new roll on parties, instead of buferring and concentring dps we would be able to play as healers too.

    I personally love the monk. I have tried all other classes and monks really need these updates.

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    A monks toughness will be inflated due to their dodge. Bare this in mind.

    Backlash is the rune you were thinking of (Mantra of Evasion/Backlash.

    Now.....I've experimented with backlash a great deal. Using strategies like Dashing Strike/Blinding Speed to keep dodge at max buff. Backlash is extremely effective when a monk stacks fire damage.

    The biggest fail (gear-wise) for the monk is the Daibo

    This stick, shown in animations as twirling the baton with lightening speed, has the same attack rate as a giant iron battle axe.

    The monk is a martial artist whom SHOULD wield a daibo with great skill and speed. The attack speed of this weapon class is beyond retarded. It literally defies what they're telling us this weapon is.....a stick in the hands of a martial arts monk.

    Why? Why so slow? There's some great legendary affixes on some of these things (Flow of Eternity) but I simply cannot excuse using the daibo. The lack of speed is too great of a liability.

    I really don't understand Blizzard regarding 2-H weaps. They have to know people don't use them (in most cases). They have to know that these weapons are a joke. 2 years almost, still sucking. The status of 2-H weaps....embarrassing and inexcusable.
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    Maybe the attack speed wouldn't hurt on 2-h if the spirit regeneration is highly increased.
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