[Console] Viable build?

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    Hey guys, I'm a fairly new Diablo player and was looking for some help on whether my lvl 54 monk was a viable build for hell and what changes might I need to make. I made it through nightmare just fine but I figured I'd ask just in case. Anyways here we go:

    DPS: 11.5k
    Armor: 2854
    Life: 27.7k
    Crit. Hit:18.00
    Crit. Damage:121.00
    Restances are all 46-79
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    And here's the skills i'm using:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#acTSfQ!bcX!aZaYaZ
    (first post wouldn't let me have a URL)
    Any suggestions?
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    Yep this is a viable build. I don't know if you need Cyclone strike though... I'd probably swap it for Breath of heaven.
    Also, instead of sss (seven sided strike) i usually go for Wave of light (giant bell).

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    I thought that Breath of Heaven would be a good idea. I'm reluctant to swap out SSS because of the invulnerability paired with the high damage it puts out when there is only a single enemy, but I'll give Wave of Light a try! Thanks a lot!
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    TBH as long as you have a generator, spender and a utility or two and the the build 'makes sense' it's pretty hard to create a build that isn't viable as long as you don't crank up the difficulty obscenely high.
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    Definitely an interesting build there. My PC Monk build is below, and I also use a combo of Circular Breathing and Inner Storm. I've had a ton of luck with Exalted Soul, in regard to stocking a ton of Spirit, though since I don't have any Life Steal, I tend to lean on Transcendence for most of my survivability. I've also really liked Seven-Sided Strike, though the long cooldown tends to leave me too vulnerable. But Cyclone Strike and Sweeping Wind have a nice logical synergy there, and vortexing enemies in with Cyclone, but having Tempest Rush available is a great way to move bad guys around, but still giving yourself an easy escape. I like it! Like Jamoose pointed out, there might be some weaknesses here and there, but no skill loadout is absolutely 100% perfect.

    On console, this build is likely easier to manage, since gear quality tends to make up for some of the areas higher stats would be needed. But after seeing this, I do definitely want to experiment more with Exalted Soul and Cyclone Strike.
    Pre AH-shutdown Transcendence/Spirit (Re)gen build, uses only found and crafted gear and gems, can handle MP7.
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    I'm glad I could inspire you to check out some more variations!

    Circular breathing + inner storm is amazing. I've almost always got a full spirit well that I can use to spam cyclone strike and keep up the stacks on my sweeping wind. Then I can usually tempest rush to the next enemy and teleport straight in and repeat. (Love the thunderclap rune)

    The only time I seem to get into serious trouble is around frozen+molten champions. Bosses are no problem, but these specific champions can deplete my health fairly quickly. This is when I use SSS most. Then I tempest rush out and hit from a safe side. Unless they freeze me of course.

    As for gear I think I'm pretty well set. I dual wield and have since I first started. I've sacrificed a little bit of damage in exchange for a weapon with +0.17 APS and 47.5% chance to stun. That's pretty much a guaranteed stun!

    EDIT: I thought I might mention that the trouble with the champions up there was when i was playing Nightmare Master I - which was no problem other than it taking longer.
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