Diablo 3 - Skorn monk - 2.61 attack speed !!!

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    Diablo 3 - Skorn monk - 2.61 attack speed !!!

    Hay guys welcome back, This was my dream settup for my monk, granted if i ever got a set good enough to pull it off i would change my mantra to overawe for basic maths but the idea of the video was to show the speed of the 2 handed monk.

    In the video i reached 2.31 using my own buffs and then went on to 2.61 with Frenzied.

    In the secon half of the video i show a bog standard weapon i got on the AH for 500k which was doing just fine and was able to reach 3.0 attack speed with frenzied.

    The thing to note watching this video is that my dex has droped my over 1200 for what i normally is, And so while i go on about how awesome my dream would be cleary getting the attack speed without the damage and dex would be pointless.

    With the added dex and other stats the bells in this video would be ~10 times more powerfull with the dex alone nevermind the other stats i gimped to reach the attack speed.

    The idea being to make the most powerful bells possible while dropping them at a reasonable pace,

    If you have my dream setup i hate you... and link please :)

    You can find my on
    You Tube at -https://www.youtube.com/user/SouchonP
    Twitter at - https://twitter.com/Paul00Doyle

    Regards Paul
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    I.......am nowhere near your dream gear :P

    Nice videos, though!
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    Yeah that's what I always dreamed about too. A sick 2H Daibo with an insane amount of AS so I don't have to rely on CC/CD. Unfortunately it never worked :(
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