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    So guys, what do you think my next upgrade should be?
    I'm looking for a significant one, not spending extra hundred of millions to gain +10/20 primary stats on certain items but something that will really benefit me.

    Perhaps raising 2B and try to maxbid some rare weapon IF the opportunity present itself?
    I took into consideration upgrading my cheap EF and get maybe a CHD or LS one but that's 10k minus for me and it's not really beneficial.

    I'm thinking the MH should be the best option.
    What do you think?
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    I think your post is pretty pointless without a profile link..
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    Lol, I just failed big time :))
    I had the link ont Ctrl+C but never pasted it in here, hahah
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    The big areas I see where you can gain dps are an EF with CD and a your gloves don't have CD. You'll lose vitality doing so but if you stay above 50k life you should be fine. The rest looks good to me.

    You run Nirvana so it only goes by main hand dps but getting CD on your ef will up your damage.
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    You could get rid of the HF ring and get a tri-/quadfecta with average damage.
    You could maybe get an Expanse with higher Dex, if that's really possible ?
    Or a mainhand with higher CD and Dex.

    But all that would be pretty expensive...
    I'd probably wait for Loot 2.0 with iLvs > 63.
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    Getting rid of the EF would drop my EHP quite significantly, which will result in me dying a lot.
    Also, HF ring dunno... I never saw on GAH a ring to be better than my HF, even quad/quintfecta, and if such ring pop up on AH it will be for 2B gold and its benefits in terms of dps wouldn't be quite big.
    A Inna chest with 190+ dex, same vitality is an ok upgrade for me right now... but I think the MH would be the most significant if I manage to snipe something for 2B on AH.
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    ^Rely on vit on a weapon is not an efficient way of building. If we'er talking about higher gear levels here, its more beneficial to get the potential 100% CD on the EF and make up the vit else where. Again this is min-max talking.

    I dont see why you're dying a lot either. I run 50k life, 550 AR, 5200 armor and I dont die much. I do switch to doulble LS for ubers and reflect packs though.
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    Well, I have around 470 resists and 4.8k armor (not yet paragon 100) and I know that I must take full advantage of the dps slots but I had some bad luck with crafting.. no vita on ammy and no vita on bracers.. if I had some vita there, switching to a EF with chd would have been the best choice for me.
    Also, if loot 2.0 will come out, who knows what kind of sick mobs we'll get on the nephalem trials or the loots runs.. we might need an extra kick of EHP. Dying as less as possible provides significantly more efficiency.
    So upgrading further is a tough choice... that because I don't have that big of a budget and swiping my credit card will lower my self-esteem :))
    “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter”
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