Yet another request for upgrading advice

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    Hello fellow monks,

    Coming back to the game since RoS and all the news of upcoming changes have rekindled my interest - I'm sure many others feel the same ;)

    I'd like to be able to play MP10 more efficiently, but I'm worried my current gear is at a point where upgrading further will cost hundreds of millions of gold. I've got about 800m as a budget, but even if that's not enough, I'm still very interested in any and all advice or input.

    Cheers in advance!
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    Switch out Mystic Ally for Exploding Palm Flesh is Weak (esp. when yo have WKL OH)

    Now it comes down to foundation stats as a Paragon 100, how much "perfection" you want to get to vs. the amount of gold you want to spend to look reasonable.

    If Radiant Star Gem Tier is your final, then you want to look with 158+dex and 58+vit on your Inna's Pants.
    If you're thinking to improve even further, ensure that you're over the Marquise Gem Tier,
    1) Inna's Pants >>> 162+dex / 62+ vit

    Of course, you got really good Default base Armor (@ 451) there, so it'll be hard to track down a similar one with higher stats, for a small chump change cost for a few stats. However, you gotta "look the part" or to say it better, have the right foundation based on Gem Tier method calculations.

    The higher stats the better, instead of just buying at 162/62.

    2) Your Nat's Boots can be more offensive, with even more base Dex, currently sitting (@ 184dex), you can probably go for 240+?

    3) Your current Nat's Ring is lacking at least the "xx - xx Average Damage" or the Critical Hit Damage roll.

    4) Your WKL is decent in every way except the most important line "Lightning Skill Dmg, you want that to be 22-25%".

    As your DPS goes up, you can simply go single lifesteal of 3% (in your case), most people don't even have perfect 6% total, and a lot of people run a tad too low for a Single LS.

    5) Your rare ring's remainder missing property would be the 7%+ Attack Speed Bonus, hard to fit it all in there but that's probably your last property to obtain, instead of that +str and Health Globe Bonus.

    6) Witching Hour is like a stairway to heaven, I believe there might just be one or two more level(s) beyond your current one.

    All your crafts have really high sick rolls, especially that amulet "STAT-WISE" (Primary and "tanky-ness" (vit)) holy smokes!
    Gratz on all your 300+ Primary Stat crafts, I wish I was there.
    Foundation (Start-to-Mid tier) Gearchecker; [US] unless stated
    1) CMWIZ PL91, [EU]PL62 Crit NatsHelm; 2) 0-CD Dogs since MID-FEB 2013 PL44;
    3) "Stunball Barrage" (Tball+F@W) Vengeance DH PL43 (1slot for H.Globe + PUR slot);
    4) Lazy-Dbl-LS Monk PL48
    5) Fundamental Barb (least played)
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    Thank you very much for the insight, Lotware! :)
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