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    Hi all.

    I haven't played for a year but recently been playing with friends and kinda got hooked again.

    This is my current gear: (it won't let me post links yet, sorry)

    The way I see it: main problem is dps and lifesteal lacking. I can manage MP5 without much hassle, but anything above it and I'm struggling hard. Ring, gloves, amulet and bracers are all up for change, as well as the chest (get Inna's maybe?). Weapons I kinda like for now, but I should aim to change them too eventually (lifesteal + sockets, but these are quite expensive). My budget is very limited atm, but as I continue to play I hope to accumulate some gold in the near future (I'm thinking 50-100 mil).

    So what do you guys think, what should I concentrate on?
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    Here is the real link
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    +2276 Dexterity
    2) +776 Vitality
    +376 Resistance to All Elements
    1) Critical Hit Chance Increased by 25.0%
    +1212 Armor

    I would work on that CHC, your current amulet is pressured in doing many things, I know it's been a while, but we need to start un-"locking" that Amulet slot.

    Amulet, Helm, and cheaper Rare Bracers until you craft the new kinds of Dex Bracers, are what I would look into changing first.

    1) Shifting some stats and res over to the Helm slot from the Amulet

    Until you craft, you should not do too much mix and match unless you intend to just simply do mid-MPs, but I mean after all, Amulet is one of the several offensive slots you can do.

    2) Base Critical Hit Chance on Amulet, at least 8.0%, preferably the standard 8.5%, and at least 60% Critical Hit Damage, unless the " xx - xx Average Damage " is rly high for rly cheap for some odd reason, of course +dex, your primary stat, or open socket, whichever it may be depending the AH market. Compare all, it can get tricky. But your current one is missing Critical Hit Chance, so that's why I emphasized it.

    3) Your current rare Bracers has no Critical Hit Chance as well, nor does it have +Vitality, in which your current Crystal Fist is holding +280vit. That is insanely rather freaky because you are definitely locked up by that.

    We can slowly work on the other things but I believe your resistance is pretty well done, although the Chest is Cold Resistance, I think you got that because you need Vitality and at the time this piece was really low cost, or that you self-found :)

    So maybe that's your #4 to get Poison Resist.

    However, crafting Dex Shoulders or Bracers or whichever craftable slot you decide to do may change your Focus Resistance. Otherwise, good luck and I hope I covered as many things until you have fixed up your Critical Hit Chance and some of that +vit from your Crystal Fist towards your "Defensive Slots". I mean it's good if your weapons act as a bonus for +Vitality, but not when it looks very necessary for you still as a "Core".

    Foundation (Start-to-Mid tier) Gearchecker; [US] unless stated
    1) CMWIZ PL91, [EU]PL62 Crit NatsHelm; 2) 0-CD Dogs since MID-FEB 2013 PL44;
    3) "Stunball Barrage" (Tball+F@W) Vengeance DH PL43 (1slot for H.Globe + PUR slot);
    4) Lazy-Dbl-LS Monk PL48
    5) Fundamental Barb (least played)
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    Hello again and many thanks for the advice.

    So this is my updated monk: link

    Changes I've made:

    Helm: new Inna's Radiance for 400k with more vit, focus res and AR
    Bracers and Gloves: crafted (keep crafting further)
    Chest: new Blackthorne's Surcoat for 400k with focus res and Reduced damage from melee
    Belt: changed the Inna's Favor with Rare for 300k with dex, vit, focus res and AR (old one was with 94 dex, 31 AR, +260 armor)
    MH weapon: changed the Crystal Fist with Spear with socket and Lifesteal (gift from a friend)
    Amulet: still searching

    I know the new spear is kinda bad, and I've lost 286 dex from Crystal Fist (280 vit too, but it's compensated elsewhere now I believe), but it still boosts my dmg by 6k and it has some Lifesteal. I'm looking for an upgrade there for sure.

    Good amulets are quite expensive, so it will take some time maybe (trying to craft there too).

    I'm wondering about the Vile Wards. I kinda like them, they have focus and AR, and quite good dex, but the vit is a bit low.

    What about the rings?

    Thanks again for the help.
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    Vile Ward: lower budget should go for lesser Primary Stat and focus more on the base +vit since Shoulders is a rather Defensive slot unless you managed to craft Very-High Primary Stat like 270+ till max.

    Pure Hitting Combination Strike is good but your current Critical Hit Chance still needs a lot of improvement to ensure you also trigger Sweeping Wind Cyclone. Of course, this is not the only factor that spawns them.

    You will need to work on your Pants, you might want to ease your Rare Ring from such pressure for +vit and Life %, I mean it's nice if you have a bonus but your Pants is making your Rare Ring look like "much-needed VIT and Life %".

    So your Inna's Pants should be the next one to be upgraded, when you have the budget.

    1) Double Vitality Inna's Pants >>> 154+ vit / 94+ dex / 9% IAS

    I chose 154 because you're currently on Star tier (46-stat) but I also want you to go beyond it slightly. I chose a lower +dex to lower the budget, however the 9% will also make it more expensive, so you got to search the 8%'s as well. Then again, if you can get a 9%, it will last longer, aside from the low dex (again limited by budget)

    You still need to work on " xx - xx Average Damage " and Critical Hit Chance for your amulet.

    2) Amulets >>> " xx - xx Average Damage " / 92+ dex or at least an open socket / 55%+ CHD / 7.5%+ Critical Hit Chance

    3) Rare Ring >>> " xx - xx Average Damage / 7%+ Attack Speed Bonus / 62+ dex or an open socket, or both / 4%+ Critical Hit Chance

    4) Yes, you will need to keep working at it for your weapons, double lifesteal is the easiest way to start out. I play with Double Lifesteal to be rather lazy and just play relaxed, and I intend to wait for new loot before I change my weapons now.
    Foundation (Start-to-Mid tier) Gearchecker; [US] unless stated
    1) CMWIZ PL91, [EU]PL62 Crit NatsHelm; 2) 0-CD Dogs since MID-FEB 2013 PL44;
    3) "Stunball Barrage" (Tball+F@W) Vengeance DH PL43 (1slot for H.Globe + PUR slot);
    4) Lazy-Dbl-LS Monk PL48
    5) Fundamental Barb (least played)
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