160dmg or 100% crit DMG

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    Hello, right now im sitting at 47% CC and 450% CDM, i can add 160 dmg gem to my main weapon (1,3 aspd 1067dps) so the whirliwnds will be stronger or.. add 100% CDM.

    what should i do? which of this is better? 100% CDM or 160minmax
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    Upload your Profile to D3up and Simulate your weapon with the different gem : )
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    thank you :)
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    If you compare a marq. ruby(160) vs. rad. star emerald(100% ccd) its a close call. Skills based off of weap. dmg benefit more from a ruby in that case(cyclonne strike, wol etc.pp) If you compare same level of gems then a ruby is pretty much only viable when a.) using weap dmg related skills and b.) using soj+zuni boots to boost your phys weap dmg further more. Needless to say you have to use black dmg weapons
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    Considering you are very close to 1:10 ration between crit chance and crit damage,I would go with ruby,but again depends what build you wanna use.
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    if u have low crit chance...go for ruby...otherwise go for emerald
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    In my experience the Emerald wins out in most cases. However as suggested above, enter it into d3up simulator and check for yourself. It's probably just a marginal difference either way.
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