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    sorry yet another post about upgrading advice
    At the moment I haven't very clear ideas: I don't know if keep the money for a big upgrade (but I need a lot of farm) with just some crafting (wrist), buy gems or change a particular piece that u think is low (budget 50m)
    thanks in advance
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    Your attributes are decent except AS which you can add to the rings and gloves.

    Swap MH and OH to get more damage for the cyclone.

    Medium to medium-high gear are still cheap as people are waiting for the extension, and high-end gear are still expensive though.
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    I would craft shoulders like no tomorrow tbh. Yours lacking vit and/or %life realy bad. Since you dont have any vit on yours you have to pick it on items which are ment to give you more dps then your current items. I wouldnt bother with any upgrade untill you got better shoulders.
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    ^ like Shinna mentioned, I too will emphasize on your base +VItality for your overall HP, without VIT GEM in Helm, you should have easily been 42k HP (especially 100% as a very-close to Paragon Level 100)

    If you are going to stick with Inna's Radiance, you will need to go with either full All Resistance or make sure you do Dual Resist to relieve that "43 fire res" from your Chest slot.

    Some people just go for Crit Mempo (if you have the budget) but also remember that you will drop "a lot of base Vitality" and you can't do that just yet, so that's why I didn't say it as a first advice.

    And then, switch for a 212+ vit / 184+ dex Inna's Chest.

    Then while searching for these two slots (the helm and the chest), craft Shoulders to have base +Vitality as it is one of your most Defensive Slots.

    Once you have successfully completed these three changes, then you can work on switching out that Shenlong Fist.

    Once all these 4 pieces are worked upon, you'll have a better idea as to how you advance.
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    I made your profile at D3UP:
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    You definately need more HP,couple choices there:Craft shoulders with vitality and life%,also bracers are weak without all resist(if you get similar bracers with AR you can drop resist somewhere else).Also witching hour is ok with double resist but I would get single resist,dex+vit and 9%attack speed and 47-50% crit damage,gloves can be better too(another slot where you can get more vitality+attack speed).Natalya's boots with vitality is another option(gonna drop double resist but).Another option is to get inna's chest or tal'rasha chest with lot of vitality(200+),that way you can free vitality from amulet(to be honest you can craft much better amulet or even check AH for bargain).Lot of choices there,but I would drop a bit of fire resist to get more vitality+more choices on dps upgrades(amulet,gloves,belt),also check for rare ring(average damage,dex,vit,attack speed,crit hit chance and crit damage,sometimes you can find cheap ring with same dps output as unity-just another option worth looking).
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