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    I'm getting bored of my WW barb and would like to get some play time on my monk. My questions are relating to what gear sets to look for.

    1) I see a lot of people suggesting 2 piece nats (boots and ring), but are there any other set combinations that monks look for? 4pc monk set and if so what 4 pieces?

    2) Like many I have attempted to roll the dice with crafting items. Do you typically go dex shoulders, amu, bracers and gloves or do you do vitality shoulders (or some other combination)?

    Thanks for any attention this gets!

    (Note: I don't necessarily have a perma build I'm going off of, but would like it to be close to a simple sweeping winds/blind or sweeping winds/bell build).
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    2 piece Nat's set for monks is hard to ignore for the crit chance bonus. The only reason to use rare ring + ice climbers is for the huge EHP boost from ice climbers. However with a high vit Inna's chest you should be able to use 2 piece Nat's with no issues.

    4 piece Inna's set is good for the sweeping winds bonus, but the dps boost a witching hour gives is just too good.

    Generally most monks go Inna's chest + Inna's pants with Nat's boots and ring.

    For crafting you are most likely going to need double resists on 1 or 2 pieces of armour. Shoulders are most important here, ideally you want 300 dex + vit + all resist + chosen resist for One With Everything. 100 resist all total is really useful on a single crafted slot.

    My monk (when she had gear on) is here You can see I've gone for high vit on Inna's chest and pants and double resists on shoulders and gloves.
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    Thanks for the response. So you still go for Dex crafts and look for high vitality on the Inna's pieces.
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    In regards of crafting...

    You go for dex crafts. Only Barbs going for vit shoulders since they can roll up to 300str anyways. What kind of stats you want on your inna┬┤s chest realy depends on your whole gear setup and build. If you wanne skip OwE as a passive then you are forced into getting the resist elsewhere and chest is a typical item to get it. So if you wanne build a monk set i would highly recommand you to first make up your mind about the spec and craft bracers first. Its not that hard to get a decent craft within the first like 20 attempts and vile wards are kinda cheap these days. When building sets for others i always tell them to craft

    1.) Bracers untill you got decent to start set building
    2.) Shoulders untill you get something to replace your vile wards

    then start crafting

    3.) Gloves 3rd since you gained a few paragon levels while farming for demonics and thus gained stats(maybe from getting some upgrades as well along the way). So its easier to skip ehp stats on crafted ones for getting more dps.
    4.) Amulet last since most of the times it takes alot of attempest to get a realy good one which eats some gold. ;)
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