Hi, Upgrade question.

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    HI all i need some gear advise for my Monk, i wanna know what to upgrade any help will be grateful.
    Leave for comments.

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    Your current Nat's Boots (@ 60str/ 265dex / 73 AR /5% Melee Dmg Reduction) can be improved. I understand that 60str for Armor or something. However you're also using A +58 vit on your current semi-Double Dex + Vite Inna's Pants (139dex/72vit/9IAS).

    1) You might want to consider Nat's Boots: ** 224+ dex / 62+ vit / 76+ AR / 6% Melee Dmg Reduction

    2) and switching out that VIT GEM in Pants for DEX GEM.

    3) Finish upgrading that Flawless Star Amethyst in Helm to at least a Radiant Star Amethyst.

    4) More Dex on Inna's Pants? * 162+ dex, or more...

    * Why 162? 100 (first max roll) + 62 (the marquise gem tier)

    ** Why 224? 100 + 100 + 4 * 6 (gem tiers upgrade by 4's, so I just chose a random amount of increments past the first 2 max rolls)

    5) 2.3% LS as a single LS may not be sufficient, you may want to run 2.6%+
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    Thanks bro, ill look into what you said.
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