budget monk speed paragon help pls

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    hi, i'm a new lvl 60 monk and i would like to take this character to paragon 100 as fast as possible!
    i don't know anything about monks !
    i have a 50-60 millions budget (europe) and i play some group and some solo !
    i prefer higher MP usually but if it's more efficient to farm lower MPs is the same !suggestion ?
    what spec should i use ?
    PLS help me out ! Thanks
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    It realy depends if you got some decent crafted boa items yet or not. Without boa crafts a max. 60mil budget is like mp6 maybe mp7. In terms of specs i would recommand something like this:

    Solo: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aVYXSk!UXT!aacbca
    Group with CM Wiz: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aVfXSk!UXf!aaZbca
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    Thx for the reply, in the end i went for a TR build, you can see on my profile (BangBlast) what i purchased for 60m, 120k dmg with gems!
    what do u think ? good ecquipment ? should i change something for your builds ?
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    TR is ment to farm on low mp´s(if you cant spend a few hundred mil or even few bil). Its based on max. 2shoting trash with tr/sw and centers kinda on wave of light to kill elites quickly. I would change 2 skills on your bar. Change ToF/TF to DR/Foresight. Its an 18% dmg buff for free and helps alot to kill things with TR. Drop serenity and pick up wave of light to kill elites.

    How ever im not a huge fan of tr builds other then for groupplay to replace a barb and being the runner to spot elites as fast as possible(f.e vota runs). For xp farming i highly prefer dw setups since its way easier/cheaper to achieve decent stats to farm on mp7/8.
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    I farm MP10 very comfortable with TR/Bell stun build,also gives you choice what to kill (if you farming only essences,drop couple MP levels and grab fleet footed and mantra of healing-circular breathing for infinite TR and faster movement from elite pack to elite pack,just killing elites), I recently leveled 2nd monk to 60 and did fast paragon leveling in act 2 with TR/Bell stun build,went really fast from 0-50 paragon in act2 (farming vault of assassin and oasis(everything in oasis,any event+dungeon,exp bonus on MP10 is 972% with 5 stacks of nephalem buff(you get 5 stacks in vault of assassin+ lot of demonic essences) before any +exp gear/gems)). Check alternative TR/Bell build here in forums,there is my profile too if you wanna check what gear I have if you like playing TR/bell build,but on higher MP's. For that build you don't need mid/high all resist,which makes getting gear much cheaper(only need high crit hit chance and high HP and as much crit damage you can get,in this case:weapon(skorn),amulet and gloves,but should get you to at least 400% with emerald in weapon). Another choice is to go with Druin's TR/Bell build for high MP's,but gear will be much more expensive for that build(needs lot more all resist). This build is suited for solo play mostly.
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